Washington D.C. – September 12, 2012- In an address to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs GSA’s Acting Administrator, Dan Tangherlini, discussed his strategy to save taxpayer dollars after the scandalous IG investigation. One part of Tangherlini’s strategy is to “determine the appropriate reduction to the current (GSA Schedule) fees and anticipate creating savings for Federal agencies that use GSA services and schedules.”

As you know, the GSA schedules program is self-funded by an Industrial Funding Fee (IFF). The IFF is expressed as a percentage of every dollar spent in the schedule program. The current IFF of.75% was put in place in 2004 and as part of Tangherlini’s strategy, he may reduce the IFF which would give federal agencies more incentive to use GSA schedules for procurement. It is estimated that the fee brings in more than $250 million per year and as of September 2009 GSA has reserves of more than $687 million. By reducing the IFF there are opportunities for federal agencies to save.

A possible reduction in IFF means federal agencies may have more incentive to purchase through GSA Schedules and that could translate into more GSA Schedule sales for you!

Take advantage of this opportunity and enure your GSA Schedule is up-to-date. We encourage you to take a good look at your schedule to see if any updates are needed including product/services deletions,  products/services additions or changes to your Schedule pricing.

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