Update June 20, 2014: The Mass Mod for Manufacturer Part Number (also known as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), or Wholesaler Number) has been postponed. It will be issued by the end of June.

You may have received a recent email from GSA explaining mass modification being released June 17th, however, it will be issued by the end of June. This mass modification will be strongly re-emphasizing the existing regulations regarding displaying GSA awarded products, training, and fixed-price services on GSAAdvantage!

The one item that will require your verification on the mass modification A382 will be the manufacturer’s part number. If you don’t use the manufacturer’s part number or have created customized variation of the manufacturer’s part number, you will need to revise the price list and re-upload your information to meet this requirement.  Please verify all your manufacturer’s part numbers you use to ensure they match the actual manufacturer’s part number.

The email from GSA on June 17th will contain a link and a PIN to complete the mandatory mod.  As GSA noted you only have 90 days to comply.

All responses AND all product data must be received within 90 days of the date of issue of this modification.  Failure to comply with the terms of this modification may result in cancellation of your contract.

Why GSA is suddenly concerned with the Manufacturer Part Numbers?

It is important for GSA to enforce a long existing clause so their new Prices Point Tool works properly. All these requests  have everything to do with GSA’s Price Paid Portal (P3).  GSA has purchased a software that pulls products and sales from GSAAdvantage, DoD eMall, AFWAY, Reverse Auction Sites, and other places to provide Federal agencies with marketing insight and competitive pricing. GSA cannot compare pricing for products that are not uploaded.

You are competing with yourself (and the eager young sales person) !
Keep in mind all future transactional sales with the Federal Government are being cataloged and referenced, so a one-time deep discount to win work may limit yours and others pricing the long term. Be conscious of your bidding and business development plans.

Where to start?

If you will be doing it yourself, upon receipt of the Mass mod, go to https://vsc.gsa.gov/ and accept the modification. Then you must access SIP or EDI and upload all your products, fix-price services (i.e training courses), and ancillary products to your to GSA with all required descriptive data including Manufacturers Part Numbers.  If you prefer to get assistance for mod A328, including SIP uploads and GSA Advantage updates, please contact Coley.

Please be aware that declining this modification may result in the termination of your contract.

Frequently Asked Questions on Mod A328

1: Is this mass modification A382 mandatory? YES

This mod is mandatory to ensure GSA is capturing all the Manufacturer Part Numbers and all other descriptive data for all Products award on the GSA MAS contract, including Ancillary Products fixed-price services (i.e. training course).

2: I have a service only contract, and have no fixed-price services or ancillary products. How do I respond?

Although the reinforcement is not applicable to your contract. Select Yes to acknowledge the requirement.

3: Do I need to submit all my products? YES

Any product, ancillary product, or fixed-price service that you have listed on your MAS contract should be submitted; along with its corresponding product data.

4: Does this rule apply to previous submissions? YES

Industry partners should take this opportunity to revisit previous submissions and correct or refine any missing or altered manufacturer part numbers.

5: What should I do if I do not have (or can not obtain) the Manufacturers Part Number?

Industry partners should make a best effort to obtain accurate product information.

6: Why is GSA asking for Manufacturer Part Numbers?

GSA is focusing on bolstering data driven offerings in order to improve the acquisition experience for customers, acquisition officials, and industry partners alike. Expanded data repositories pave the way for streamlined, value-added functionality that will minimize effort while maximizing returns.

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