The New Schedule Data Dashboard Provides Sales and Company Information

For contractors it is important to have an idea of the government’s buying trends.  Data can provide enormous insights to companies trying to find areas of opportunities. The MAS program has been responsible for selling $33 billion worth of goods and services to the government from almost 14-thousand suppliers just last year. The recently released MAS Performance Dashboard will make it easy tobrowse through all business performances and give the power of data analytics to decision-makers.

The Dashboard is able to provide users with information from FY 1991 to FY 2015 concerning:

The system also contains a map section that can be used to search for vendors or agencies by city, state, or zip code; this is everything you wanted to know but didn’t know how to access.  Here specific vendor information such as sales data, contract numbers and even reporting offices can be found. Information can also be filtered by socioeconomic categories like women-owned small businesses or service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses.

Getting familiar with this data is important in order to make fact-based decisions, prioritizing targeted agencies to operate efficiently.

Federal Acquisition Professionals can also find the tool useful to engage with vendor suppliers and find contact information. FAS has been committed to helping small-businesses succeed in their programs and assist federal agencies in meeting their socioeconomic goals. Data from FY 2015 has shown that nearly 40 cents of every dollar in the MAS system has gone to a small business.

Other FAS E-tools include the Contract Awarded Labor Category (CALC) tool and the OS3 (Office Supplies) FSSI Performance Dashboard.

All of the other FAS E-tools are available here.

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