How Do You Handle Bpas And Task Orders With The Professional Service Schedule Transition?

On October 1, 2015, GSA is migrating all vendors under the following schedules to the new Professional Services Schedule (PSS):

  • Schedule 520 Financial and Business Solutions (FABS)
  • Schedule 541 Advertising and Integrated Marketing Services (AIMS)
  • Schedule 738 II Language Services
  • Schedule 871 Professional Engineering Services (PES)
  • Schedule 874 Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS)
  • Schedule 874V Logistics Worldwide (Logworld)
  • Schedule 899 Environmental Services
  • Schedule 00CORP Consolidated (platform for Professional Services Schedule)

If your contract is being transitioned you will receive a unilateral GSA initiated modification awarding you a new GSA Schedule under the PSS.  You will be required to update your GSA pricelist in eLibrary and Advantage, but otherwise you should see little change, according to GSA.

But what about open task orders or Blanket Purchase Agreements? If your company has an open task order under your current GSA schedule, you will continue work on that task order with no change until task order end date.  Any future task orders or follow-on work must be awarded to the new PSS contract.

Open Blanket Purchase Agreements, however, require involvement of the BPA Contracting Officer.  Your BPA CO has two options:

  1. Document the new contract number with a minor administrative change through a Memo to File (the CO will handle this) and establish a new BPA referencing the new GSA Schedule – the terms & conditions will remain unchanged.  or
  2. Continue with business as usual under the current GSA Schedule until either the BPA or GSA Schedule expires.  GSA recommends the first option as it prevents any possible contract interruptions.

We recommend you send your BPA CO to the following GSA link for additional guidance, sample language, and support contacts: PSS Transition for your Government Customers.

If you need advice or assistance, contact us or give us a call at 210-402-6766 or by email at Any of our experienced Coley Contracts Advisors can guide you through the process.

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