As a government contractor, you are likely familiar with the government’s System for Award Management, or Keeping your company’s SAM registration current is essential to continue doing business with our federal government. SAM has made a number of changes in recent years that may potentially stall your much-needed annual renewal if you are unaware.

For years, SAM relied on Dun & Bradstreet and the assignment of DUNS numbers to catalog existing contractors. With the shift from 3rd party reliance, SAM introduced its own numbering system, the Unique Entity Identifier (UEI), along with a slew of other changes. This includes the implementation of SAM’s Entity Validation Service (EVS).

SAM’s New Validation System

If you’ve updated your registration in recent years, you’ve noticed the fresh, new initial survey. This survey is meant to guide you to the correct page based on your specified reason for visiting the site. Additionally, it is intended to verify your company’s general information. SAM will prompt you to review and potentially revise the following details:

  • Legal Business Name
  • “Doing Business As” Name
  • Physical Address
  • Business Start Date
  • State of Incorporation
  • National Identifier (Non-US Only)

Your company’s details are pulled from SAM’s internal EVS database. If you’ve made a change, your information does not match the record, or if it is your first time validating this information, you will immediately be prompted to provide “EVS documentation”. The utilization of this new process helps SAM ensure contracting information listed is credible, accurate, and reduces the risk of fraud.

The EVS Documents Needed

Considering that the request is being used to substantiate company details, subject documents are likely to be ones that have been verified by a source outside your entity. Proper forms of documentation may include, but are not limited to: Articles of Incorporation, utility bills, bank statements, or IRS tax documentation. Documentation is required to have your full company name as well as the information you are validating on the same document. For a complete listing of acceptable documentation by validation-type, please see the resources provided by the Federal Service Desk (FSD).

Depending on SAM’s workload, review of your documents may take up to a few weeks to review. Therefore, it is imperative that you take your registration expiration into account. Make absolute certain that documentation meets the specified requirements, otherwise you’ll receive a not-so-quick rejection notice via email and will need to start the process over. Check your email periodically to ensure that you do not miss any updates. After submission, you may be contacted for a response or clarification.

Once approval is received, you will be prompted to return to SAM and complete the registration update as normal. This time, the initial survey will match the documentation and inputs you have provided. Please note that this step must be taken in order to update the registration with your new details and push back the expiration for another year.

Looking for EVS documentation? Depending on your state, a screenshot/PDF of your business profile taken from a Secretary of State website may be valid. The screenshot of your state’s online business registry will need to be current, contain the URL, list the complete business name, as well as the company details requested for validation.

Coley has supported clients update and renew their SAM registration. Our advisors have much experience in not only the EVS validation process, but the SAM registration in general. For more, please see our guide on updating your registration. Contact us today at or 210-402-6766 or schedule an call to discuss how we can help.

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