Need to Update or Renew your SAM Entity Record? is an important part of your government sales operations and must be kept updated at least every year. As new requirements come up, the SAM Website will sometimes include new questions to include such changes.

There is NO FEE to register or maintain your registration.

If you get an email, text, or phone call from a company asking you to contact them right away about your registration, be cautious. Specially if the email  wants to give the impression of coming from a government agency. We have had clients receive calls or emails charging as much as $600 to update their registration.  When responding to government communications, make sure the address is an email from a .gov or .mil address. If it is not, chances are it is a third party vendor.

For information on the most recent updates, please review our blog regarding the New Login Process

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5-Steps to Updating your Registration on

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