TDR Reporting

For reporting a TDR service contract, filling out the fields is very simple. You just need to give a description of the deliverables (ex: Security Services), which is a mandatory field.  Next, you would need to input the unit price and quantity. This will populate the total price in the next field. You can add as many line items within this order. You can also submit more than one order as well.  If needed, you can also save your submission to submit at a later time.

72a Reporting

Using the 72a reporting is basic and simple, as the main actions to use are “Form Entry” and “Adjust Data”. If there are multiple pending payments needing to be made, you will have to pay each individually. Unfortunately, you cannot be merged numerous pending payments into one transaction. For sales adjustments, you will need to click on the “Adjust Data” option. Any time you the corrected data is less than what was initially reported, a credit will apply to the future payment report. There will also be an agency tracking number for all payments made.

Zero Sales

This time around reporting zero sales just became easier, as it takes just a few clicks to submit.  All you need to do is click “zero sales”, then hit the submit and check the “agree” box, and your good to go.

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