The SBA Mentor-Protégé Program (MPP) is designed to cultivate strong protégé firms through mentor-provided business development assistance, and to help protégés successfully compete for government contracts. As of November 16, 2020, the 8(a) Mentor-Protégé program and the All-Small Mentor-Protégé program merged into one SBA Mentor-Protégé Program.

What are the Benefits of the SBA Mentor-Protégé Program?

  • Removes the need for businesses to choose between two mentor-protégé programs
  • Streamlines the new program while keeping the same benefits as the two former programs
  • Requires less SBA involvement for joint ventures
  • Mentor-protégé agreement clarifications of Title 13 Part 125.9 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
  • New and updated tools to encourage participation in the MPP
  • Changes to the joint venture review and approval process
  • Guidance on internal business management systems, accounting, marketing, manufacturing, and strategic planning
  • Financial assistance in the form of equity investments, loans, and bonding
  • Assistance navigating federal contract bidding, acquisition, and the federal procurement process
  • Education about international trade, strategic planning, and finding markets
  • Business development, including strategy and identifying contracting and partnership opportunities
  • General and administrative assistance, like human resource sharing or security clearance support

What Company can be a Protégé?

  • One that meets the SBA’s Size Standard or SBA’s table of small business size standards
  • Is for profit or in Agriculture
  • A Protégé may have two mentors at the same time without conflict or competition
  • A company may not have more than two mentors over the life of the business

Who can be a Mentor?

  • Is for profit or in Agriculture
  • Is able to carry out its responsibilities to assist the protégé
  • Possess good character
  • Does not appear on the federal list of debarred or suspended contractors
  • Is able to impart value to a protégé firm due to lessons learned and practical experience gained or through its knowledge of general business operations and government contracting

How long does the mentor protégé program last?

  • A mentor protégé relationship may last up to 6 years
  • The program may be extended by mutual agreement between protégé and mentor

How to Apply to the MPP?

  • Make sure both businesses are registered at
  • The SBA must determine that the mentor-provided assistance will promote real developmental gains for the protégé and not just act as a vehicle to receive federal small business set-asides.
  • Decide whether you are applying for an MPP using your primary or secondary NAICS Code
  • Both businesses must complete the SBA’s online tutorial and make sure to save your completion certificates.
  • Both Mentor and the Protégé must execute the Mentor-Protégé Agreement(MPA Addendum)
  • SBA requires 15 days screening and 90 days processing to complete an MPA
  • An applicant protégé and its prospective mentor may not be affiliated at the time of application (Affiliates: one party has the power to control the other, or a third party or parties’ controls or has the power to control both.)

Mentor-Protégé Agreement

  • Agreement template may be found in the SBA website.

How are MPP’s Evaluated?

  • The MPP relationship is evaluated Annually.
  • The SBA considers the progression of relationship.
  • The SBA measures the benefits received.
  • There may be proposed amendments to the mentor-protégé agreement.
  • Evaluation can result in voluntary terminations of the mentor-protégé agreement or incomplete evaluation termination.
  • A protégé may exchange a new mentor for the existing one.

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