Schedule 70 contractors offering Software as a Service (SaaS) products will no longer be able to utilize GSA’s IT cloud services previously available at, which was decommissioned on December 1, 2012.

GSA is advising that Schedule 70 vendors should update their GSAAdvantage! catalog with their Contractor Part Number in lieu of their SaaS codes.

Even though is no longer available, we encourage you to exhaust all other available opportunities and resources to gain more visibility in the Federal marketplace, including:

  • DoD Emall Catalog Management: This is DoD’s internet-based Electronic Mall, which allows military and other authorized government customers to search for and order items from commercial sources and is often the first source for many of their purchases. Your product-based GSA Schedule is eligible for this service.
  • B2G Email Marketing: Create an email that is eye catching and consistent with your branding. The email is then sent to a targeted list of qualified buyers. We send you the results to make contacts and build customer relationships.
  • Web Design Services & Corporate Logos & Marketing Materials: Update your look and brand to create a custom solution that is true to your vision.

Coley provides services to include GSA Management and Marketing services that can help you create visibility and build more sales in the Federal marketplace.

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