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One of GSA’s COVID initiatives from last year, at the beginning of the pandemic, allowed certain products from Non-TAA countries (Trade Agreement Act) to be temporarily added to contractor’s GSA Schedule. Now, GSA Schedule contractors received a unilateral award that removed any non-TAA items that were added in.  The email sent to contractors lets them know that SPE Memo 2020-11 is not being extended and that any non-TAA items added under this authority have now expired.

“SPE Memo 2020-11, which temporarily authorizes the award of non-TAA compliant products under certain Federal Supply Classes to support COVID-19 response, expires on April 30, 2021 and will not be extended. The non-TAA compliant products listed in the addendum of this modification are hereby cancelled from the above numbered contract. The cancellation is effective on May 01, 2021 as the 30-calendar-day written notice required by GSAR clause 552.238-79 was provided when the contract was modified to include the non-TAA compliant products.”

SPE Memo 2020-11 was released last year and allowed contractors to temporarily add items with a country of origin that would normally be considered ineligible per the TAA . In support of the COVID pandemic, these items must have been in line with approved Federal Supply Classifications identified within the memorandum.

While the award was automatic and no modification submission is necessary, it is also stated that GSA will also remove the applicable items from GSAAdvantage!.  Contractors need to ensure that these items have been removed from their own internal records and pricelists so that they do not inadvertently appear again in future updates.  A new catalog upload to GSAAdvantage may even be necessary to ensure compliance with this award.

Further, the deadline for Purchase Orders that include these items must have been on or before April 30 2021.  Contractors should verify their GSAAdvantage catalogs to further ensure that purchase orders for these items are not received beyond this date.

If you need help to determine if your products are TAA Compliant, or require catalog upload, reach out to Coley GCS directly at 210-4026766 or at hello@coleygsa.com.

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