Centralized help desk to offer consistency and high quality service

In efforts to streamline all aspects of the acquisition process under the Modernization program, the General Services Administration (GSA) has implemented a new single face customer service model effective as of August 1st, 2013.

The Enhanced Customer Service Delivery (ECSD) solution integrates previous customer support centers into a centralized contact center.  GSA states that “the goal of this solution, which will use a three-tiered approach, is to ensure a consistent and high quality experience by every customer seeking acquisition assistance and/or access to GSA’s MAS subject matter experts.  By enhancing and centralizing the contact support center, customers, stakeholders, and industry will begin to experience new and streamlined ways of interacting with GSA.”

The ECSD model includes upgrades to GSA’s previous automated telephone support systems.  This number is now a centralized number and uses the same number previously used to contact the National Customer Service Center (NCSC).  This number is now published on all key GSA documents and websites and will be the main support line for all schedule types and contracts.  Callers will have to go through an automated prompt which covers everything having to do with GSA Acquisitions prior to talking to a GSA Subject Matter Expert.

ECSD also implements a centralized email address for any type of inquiry.  Prior to this rollout, one had to continuously browse through eLibrary, GSA’s schedule management system for contract awards, or sift through countless pages of GSA’s schedule solicitations to find contact information.  eLibrary users had to select the appropriate schedule and then find the help desk information for the schedule on the top left of the page.

Reach GSA Customer Service

You may send all GSA inquiries to their help desk at: and is now being displayed on almost all of GSA’s web pages.

You may call GSA’s ECSD centralized support desk telephone number at 1-800-488-3111.

More information about GSA’s ECSD may be found on GSA Interact.

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