It is time for GSA Schedule holders to report sales again. This month/quarter, you will notice that there has been a change to the sales reporting options. If you have accepted the MAS conversion A812 mass modification, you will notice that the SRP lists both legacy and new SINs.

We now know that contractors must report under both Legacy and Converted SINs. If not properly reported, this can potentially lead to future sales amendments or appear as a concern on an IOA visit.

The sales reporting will be based on the date that you accepted the A812 MAS Modification. This means all sales before the acceptance date will be reported under the Legacy SINs. All sales on and after that acceptance date will be reported under the Converted SINs. You will want to look carefully at invoices and verify dates when the sales occur, or payment was received. For easier tracking, you may want to include the associated SINs on your invoices.

The Legacy SINs will eventually drop off and all reporting will be under the Converted SINs.

If you have not accepted the MAS Mod, Legacy SINs will be the only available option to report under. This may mean when it’s time to accept the MAS Mod, you may have to report under both new and old SINs for the next quarter. Coley GCS assists GSA Schedule contract holders under our annual contract management with sales reporting. Reach out to Coley if you would like to discuss any of our government contract services at

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