If you believe: “only if I have GSA Sales, should I worry about the maintenance of my GSA Schedule,”  you are in for a surprise.  One of the most critical things for a GSA Schedule holder with $0 in GSA sales is making sure government buyers can find you and once they do, that they are able to buy from you.  Seems simple, but many vendors with $0 sales should do a quick audit of how their items are displaying on GSA Advantage!,  review the company website to ensure it displays the approved GSA logo and GSA capabilities, as well as execute custom designed government marketing strategies that reach the desired  target client.

All those efforts will be unproductive if your government clients are not able to purchase from you when they are ready.  You need to prepare now to welcome sales later. Below is a list of various actions that must be completed even with no sales.

Must do’s on my GSA Schedule

Not following these actions can make it difficult or even impossible to sell through a GSA Schedule.  For example, if you do not update your GSA Pricelist yearly, GSA may remove your pricelist from e-Library.  This will impact how many government clients may find your pricelist to purchase from you compared to your GSA Schedule competitors.

  1. System for Award Management (SAM): Government entities will not buy from contractors with expired SAM registrations.  Confirm that your SAM registration is current and that your certifications and addresses are correct.
  2. Product/Service Catalog: A modification should be completed as new services or products are added and pricing changes.  Ensure that your available products and their pricing are current.  If your pricing is too high, you may be overlooked by government buyers. If your pricing is too low, you will have to honor the price published, impacting your margins.
  3. GSAAdvantage! listing: As a company that sells products, your product descriptions and names should be optimized for GSAAdvantage! Include product names and descriptions that truly describe your products while containing many instances of keywords that government buyers would use in a search for your product(s).  Advantage works like Google, the buyer will search by keyword, if you don’t have the keywords – you won’t be found.
  4. 72a Reporting: ALL contractors, including the ones with $0 in sales, must report quarterly through GSA’s 72a system within 30 days after the close of each quarter.
  5. Sales Tracking System: Having a system that can track and organize government sales from their inception will prepare you for when there are GSA orders that must be distinguished from other government or commercial sales in order to pay GSA’s Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) on those sales.  Your sales tracking system should also help you monitor your basis of award discount relationship.

The above actions not only get you ready for when GSA orders do come, they are factors that contribute to having a compliant GSA Schedule to sell with.

If you have any additional questions on how your schedule Contact Coley for GSA Contract Management support at info@coleygsa.com or 210-402-6766.

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