**UPDATE** On October 9th, GSA issued the official Request For Quote (RFQ) for the JanSan and MRO FSSI’s.

The RFQ’s are available to view on interact JanSan and MRO. Any questions on the RFQ are due by October 22, 2013. The RFQ’s are currently set to close on November 12, 2013 and you can respond to the RFQ in ebuy if you are one of the Schedule and SINs holders outlined in the RFQ’s.

Each FSSI BPA will be broken out into two RFQ’s. One RFQ for Purchasing Channels through the awarded vendors (via purchase cards, E-Buy, GSA Advantage, DOD E-mall, etc…) and one RFQ for Requisition based ordering channel through GSA Global Supply (GGS) via FedStrip and MilStrip . This RFQ is for Purchasing Channels. The second RFQ will be released at a later date.

At the beginning of 2013, GSA announced that they would be forming 10 new Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) through their Government-Wide Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) program. BPAs are formed when a Government agency has a reoccurring need for certain products and services and wish to remove the redundancies of the bidding process. BPAs can help reduce paperwork and cut administrative ordering procedures. Government agencies will be encouraged to purchase through these BPAs over regular GSA schedules.

GSA has already established several FSSI, (http://www.gsa.gov/portal/content/112561), most notably, the  Office Supply’s (Schedule 75).  GSA is working on two more initiatives for Janitorial and Sanitation supplies (JanSan) and Maintenance, Repair, and Operational supplies (MRO).

GSA has released the draft RFQ for both the JanSan and MRO BPA through eBuy and FedBizOpps.gov.   If your GSA Schedule SINs are applicable to the BPA’s the draft RFQ should have popped up in your eBuy,  here is a link for each:

If you your products will be affected by this FSSI, but you did not receive the eBuy RFQ, you may still respond to the RFQ through the points of contacted listed on each link.

Within in each BPA there will be 5 different “pools” separating the products into different categories. Each pool will have 3 vendor awards and, of the 3 awards, a certain number (which varies per pool) will be set aside for small business.

If you feel your company offers the breadth of products identified in a certain pool, I strongly recommend you apply.  Winning a FSSI BPA could be a huge opportunity, especially with more and more pressure on agencies to use these BPA’s.

I encourage you to read through the draft RFQs and questions and answers so you are familiar with what GSA is looking for. One of the best ways to get information about each upcoming BPA and RFQ release would be to join the group on GSA Interact. Join JanSan Interact Group or Join MRO Interact Group.

If you have any questions on the FSSI or upcoming BPAs feel free to contact Coley.

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