The General Services Administration has created a new position to be the “voice” of industry, the GSA Procurement Ombudsman. The person appointed to this new Ombudsman position is Millisa Gary and her duties will be to current GSA Contractors and those interested in becoming GSA Contract holders- GSA has titled these interested parties as “Industry Partners.”

In this position, Millisa Gary, the new Ombudsman, will aim to:

  • Be a Voice for Industry Partners Concerns
  • Navigate Industry Partners to Find a Solution for their Concern
  • Identify Opportunities for Improvement between GSA and Industry Partners
  • Increase Communication and Collaboration between GSA and Industry Partners

The assignment of this new position stems from GSA’s goals to help improve contractor/vendor satisfaction. Three commercial associations sent a letter to FAS Commissioner, Tom Sharpe, in June of 2013 asking for a liaison between GSA and its Industry Partners and, although these commercial associations requested having a liaison for each Schedule, for now there is one Ombudsman for all GSA Schedules.

We are hoping the Ombudsman can provide real and beneficial assistance to Industry Partners whom are finding hard to navigate the GSA’s bureaucracy and does not become too inundated with requests for assistance that the positions becomes ineffective.

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