GSA is releasing MAS Refresh 20 to solicitation 47QSMD20R0001 and an associated mass modification to all existing contracts in April 2024. This refresh will update language to SCP-FSS-001, add a note to the I-FSS-600 clause, update the Price Proposal Templates, incorporate changes to clauses and provisions as needed, and update the letter of supply template.

Key changes to be noted are in the Price Proposal Templates for Accessories/Options and Letter of Supply Requirements

What Changes are Expected in the GSA MAS Solicitation in Refresh 20?

GSA Updates to SCP-FSS-001

  • Revise provision xi. to:
    • Bring back bullet (A) A copy of the cancellation letter or notification of determination not to exercise an option
    • Address 12-month waiting period if contract is canceled/allowed to expire due to non-compliance
    • These change will affect new submissions to the GSA schedule
  • Update various links and page titles

GSA Updates to I-FSS-600
The following notes will be added:

  • All Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) type products are prohibited from being duplicated and published to the text file posted on GSA eLibrary.
  • All Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS type products should be published for sale on GSA Advantage.

Fortunately, FCP is making this easier for all COTS contracts holders and this change will additional reduce many contractors price list sizes.

Incorporate clause and provision updates, as necessary, through Federal Acquisition Circular (FAC) 2024-03 and GSAR Change 177

Are Any Templates or Attachments Affected by Refresh 20?

Offer and Modification Price Proposal Templates (PPTs):

  • Offer and Modification Price Proposal Templates for Products
    • Update ‘Read Me First’ tab to reflect Refresh 20
    • Add two new tabs for Options and Accessories
    • Add ‘Base Product or Accessory’ column to all tabs
    • Update Glossary
    • Option item price increases or price decreases will utilize the associated EPA tabs with base products information only.
    • Accessories tab should only be used when adding/changing/removing an accessory relationship with the base item.
  • Offer and Modification Services and Training Price Proposal Templates
    • Mark-up tab provides further guidance on discounts from commercial market rates or Commercial Price List rate)

Updates to the Letter of Supply

  • A significant change is the revision of the ‘Letter of Supply’ to ‘Vendor’ signature only instead of the current which requires ‘Vendor’ and ‘Supplier’ signatures. Further explanation of this change has not yet been provided but will be discussed in the webinar below.
  • Remove the below category and offerings requirements for the Office Management Category:
    • Manufacturers listed on the Business Solutions Association (BSA) website are part of the Dealer Authorization Program.
    • A roster of wholesale agents and dealers segregated by manufacturer can be found on the BSA website. [Vendor] may also inquire with the manufacturer for information regarding its authorization status.

GSA MAS Refresh 20 Changes to Specific Large Category, Subcategory, or SIN:

    • Facilities Services (B02): SIN 561730 – Grounds Maintenance
      • Update SIN description to include snow removal
    • Furniture: Large Category Attachment Instructions
      • NOTE: References may be made to various Federal Specifications and Standards. Any referenced Federal Specification and Standard can be accessed by searching
    • IT Services (F03): SIN 54151HACS – Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services (HACS)
    • IT Solutions Subcategory (F05): SIN 518210FM – Financial Management Quality Service Management Office (FM QSMO) Core Financial Management (FM) Solutions and IT Professional Services
    • Miscellaneous (G):
      • Complementary SINs (G06): SIN OLM – Order-Level Materials (OLM)
        • Revise SIN instructions to 60 OLM-eligible subcategories and add ‘Transportation of Things’ subcategory
    • Professional Services (H): Environmental Services (H02): Subcategory Instructions
      • The following statement is added to address climate change:
        The following services may be utilized by ordering agencies to fulfill a broad range of Environmental services to include planning for and response to environmental issues including climate change.
    • Environmental Services (H02): SINs 541620 – Environmental Consulting Services, 562910REM – Environmental Remediation Services & 562910RMI -Environmental Remediation Services – Multiple Industries
      • Revise SIN description to include climate change
    • Transportation of Things Subcategory (K05): SINs 481211B – Air Charter Services – Brokers & 481211O – Air Charter Services – Owner Operated
      • Revise Statement of Work (SOW) to account for changes in safety requirements for U.S. Commercial Air Carriers (i.e, Safety Management Systems (SMS), SMS Inspection Certifications, safety requirements for Rotorcraft, and inclusion of expansion into Order-Level Materials (OLMs) SIN.)

Attend a Refresh 20 Webinar

GSA FAS is hosting a public webinar on Monday, April 1st at 1pm EST, about the upcoming changes to MAS Solicitation 47QSMD20R0001 and the mass mod. This webinar will be in a listen-only format, but participants will be able to ask questions via chat. Join GSA via this Zoom link.

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