GSA is releasing MAS Refresh 18 to solicitation 47QSMD20R0001″ and an associated mass modification to all current existing contracts in December 2023. The MAS solicitation Refresh 18 draft includes language to incorporate new contract sales criteria, update mandatory templates, and incorporate clause and provision updates.

Changes Expected in the GSA MAS Solicitation Refresh

Refresh 18 updates a lot of language in the solicitation to provide clarification and further understanding. The list of notable language updates is listed below:

Updates to SCP-FSS-001

  1. Revised language to incorporate changes associated with amended clause I-FSS-639 Contract Sales Criteria from $25,000 annually to $100,000 for the first base period and $125,000 for succeeding option periods.
  2. Language added related to Performance Requirement FAS Cyber-Supply Chain Risk Assessment: Performance Requirement FAS Cyber-Supply Chain Risk Assessment. This language will allow the Government to perform a cyber-supply chain risk assessment of the awarded contractor at any time during the period of performance.
    1. Applies to contractors with the following SINS (see guidelines for details):
      1. 54151HACS
      2. 541519CAM
      3. 517312
      4. 54151S
      5. 541990IPS
      6. 541990RISK
  1. Add Options & Accessories Language to clarify the definitions and require contractor supporting documentation.
  2. Added language regarding solely compatible items – this is an extension of the earlier prohibition on specific telecommunication products.
  3. Added note related to clarifying current requirements of Transactional Data Reporting (TDR) – restating what was known, that if a contractor opts into TDR, the whole contract is subject to TDR for the remainder of the contract.

FASCSA Orders:

  1. DoD, GSA, and NASA are issuing an interim rule amending the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) to implement supply chain risk information sharing and exclusion or removal orders consistent with the Federal Acquisition Supply Chain Security Act (FASCSA) of 2018 and a final rule issued by the Federal Acquisition Security Council. This rule refers to both exclusion and removal orders as “FASCSA orders”.
  2. Revised MAS Sustainability Language under Section III A. Terms and Conditions Related to Schedule Contract Administration to clarify current requirements.

Updates for Joint Ventures

The updated Mandatory Attachment for MAS Joint Ventures (JV) includes that all JVs must now disclose if a JV partner is currently undergoing an OIG audit.  In addition, JV offerors identifying as small or in a socioeconomic category must acknowledge completion of FAR 52.212-3 dated December 2022 or later in Lastly, the obligation for JV offerors in the small or socioeconomic category to fill out their Small Business Program Representations in the JV attachment has been removed.

Additional Templates updated in Refresh 18

Implement various changes to the Offer and Modification Price Proposal Templates (PPTs):

  1. The Pricing Terms tab has been removed from all PPT’s, this information is now captured through a stand-alone document titled Pricing Terms. This document is posted under the Price Proposal Templates section of the MAS Scope and Templates page
  2. Add the Product File template utilized by the FAS Catalog Platform as an optional PPT

GSA MAS Refresh 18 Changes to Specific Large Category, Subcategory, or SIN:

  1. Office Management (A):
    1. Document Services (A3):
      1. SIN 518210DC – Document Conversion Services: Update title of SIN 518210DC from “Document Conversion Services” to Document Conversion and Digitization Services.”
      2. SIN 518210DC – Document Conversion Services: Incorporate NARA’s digitization Regulations for Temporary Records (36 CFR Part 1236 Subpart D) and Permanent Records (36 CFR Part 1236 Subpart E) into SIN 518210DC.
      3. SIN 518210DC – Document Conversion Services: Incorporate New SIN Subgroup titled: “NARA-Compliant Digitization Services for Federal Records.”
    2. Records Management (A11):
      1. SIN 518210ERM – Electronic Records Management Solutions: Incorporate updated Version of NARA’s Universal ERM Requirements Spreadsheet on the MAS Scope and Templates page.
      2. SIN 518210ERM – Electronic Records Management Solutions: Incorporate updated Vendor Certification for Electronic Records Management Solutions form on the MAS Scope and Templates page
  2. Miscellaneous (G):
    1. Apparel (G5):
      1. SIN 339113PA Protective Apparel: Add new SIN Subgroup titled “Body Armor”
    2. Complementary SINs (G6):
      1. SIN OLM Order-Level Materials: Add Transportation of Things (K5) to the list of OLM eligible subcategories.

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