General Services Administration (GSA) released an update to the FAS FSS clause I-FSS-639 on August 30, 2023. This update changed the time period for the consideration of the minimum sales requirement.

What is the GSA minimum sales requirements?

GSA now requires that contractors meet or exceed $100,000 in the first 60 months of their contract and $125,000 during each following 60-month option period.

The previous requirement was $25,000 for the first two years and then $25,000 for each successive year.

What does the new GSA minimum sales requirement mean for contracts?

The new minimum sales requirement allows contractors to have the full length of their base contract (five-years) to meet the required sales instead of having to meet the sales requirement annually.

Why did GSA change the minimum sales requirement?

These updated requirements allow new contracts more time to acclimate to the Federal marketplace and the unique requirements within the marketplace. Contractors will have more time to establish their footing and build relationships with federal customers.

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