Temporary Closure of Core Financial Management Solutions

The General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Acquisition Services (FAS) is releasing a Refresh #14 to Solicitation 47QSMD20R0001. For the time being, Refresh #14 will  close the Core Financial Management Solutions (Core FS) Subgroup of SIN 518210FM to new offers and modifications to support the transition to the Financial Management Quality Service Management Office (FM QSMO) Marketplace. FM QSMO is an initiative of the Treasury designed to support federal agencies with their financial management goals through a system that delivers a standard, modern and efficient marketplace. Find out more about FM QSMO and their goals here. This temporary closure will allow GSA to review and examine the strategy for this subgroup of SIN 518210FM.

Can Financial Management Solutions still submit for a New GSA Schedule?

Offers and modifications can still be submitted under the other subgroups of SIN 518210FM. These subgroups include:

  • Additional Financial Management (FM) Solutions
  • Financial Management (FM) Service/Solution Adoption and Transition Services
  • Financial Management (FM) Technology Operations Support Services

If you are currently considering an offer or need a modification under this Subgroup, Coley GCS can help you navigate this temporary closure by helping prepare documentation and update the SIN subcategory.

Will Core FS be reopened?

Yes! Once GSA completes their evaluation, a new Refresh will be released to open the SIN  for modifications and offers.

Coley has over 20 years’ experience helping companies get on GSA Schedule as well as supporting with contract management needs to keep contracts compliant. We are available to help take over entire process or help you along the way. Contact us today at hello@coleygsa.com or 210-402-6766 to get started on obtaining your GSA Schedule—a critical step on your road to success in the government market.


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