What is FM QSMO?

FM QSMO stands for Financial Management Quality Service Management Office and it is an initiative by the US Treasury created to help modernize and improve existing financial systems that various agencies use. FM QSMO looks to help agencies meet their financial management goals by standardizing and streamlining what is common for agencies.  In support of the initiative, the US Treasury partnered with the General Services Administration (GSA) to establish a new Special Item Number 518218FM and have provided information on how a vendors can apply to the new FM QSMO SIN

What are the Responsibilities of the FM QSMO?

FM QSMO helps agencies and commercial clients create solutions based on standards which will move agencies towards improved operations, updated systems, and more effective ways to use data.  The Treasury.gov site lists the FM QSMO responsibilities:

  • Offer and manage a marketplace of high-performing and cost-effective solutions to respond to agency needs;
  • Partner with agencies to determine strategies and solutions that will help them reach agreed-upon government-wide goals;
  • Guide and govern the long-term sustainability of core financial management services and solutions;
  • Institute a customer and provider engagement and feedback model that allows for continuous improvement and performance management of solutions; and
  • Work with customers and providers to adopt standards and comply with regulation and policy.

What is the FM Capability Framework or FMCF?

The FM QSMO created the FM Capability Framework (FMCF) to help evaluate and to ensure that marketplace solutions meet baseline needs.

FM Capability Framework

On June 2022, The Bureau of the Fiscal Service and The FM QSMO published a guide to the FM QSMO Marketplace to explain how certain financial management standards and capabilities apply to solutions offered in the FM QSMO Marketplace.

FMCF Components Include:

The FMCF components below link to proposals which are still under review. Updated versions will be published once they are approved and finalized.

FM QSMO is looking to serve various shareholders including agency and industry partners. When an agency uses FM QSMO, their processes are standardized and updated. They can also see a reduction of maintenance and operation costs. Customers are also more satisfied by the modernized processes. You can visit www.fiscal.treasury.gov/fmqsmo for additional information on FM QSMO and review the vendor training they have provided.

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