GSA has announced they will be hosting the pilot edition of the “Professional Services Listening Tour”. This listening tour will allow GSA to hear directly from contract holders the difficulties and challenges they face.

Who is the GSA listening tour for?

All GSA contract holders under one of the Professional Services 10 subcategories are invited to join.  These include Business Administration, Environmental Services, Financial Services, Identity Protection Services, Language Services, Legal Services, Logistical Services, Marketing and PR, Technology and Engineering, and Training.  An email about this event was sent to the POCs for existing contract holders.

What is the purpose of this listening tour?

GSA is hosting this event to build a stronger communication channel between GSA and contractors. Focusing on solutions, this is designed to be a forum to discover, acknowledge, and share difficulties and challenges. The findings will enable GSA to identify them for future growth, utilize common ground, and create a competitive environment to help the government to identify contractors’ needs.

How can I participate in the GSA listening tour?

This pilot edition for the listening tour will take place on November 15, 2023, from 3:30 to 4:30 Eastern. Keep an eye out for the forthcoming Zoom link.

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