Fewer opportunities to meet face-to-face requires adjustment of your B2G Marketing Strategy

GSA announced that it has cancelled the 2013 GSA Training and Expo. According to GSA’s website, it was forced to make tough spending cuts because of the sequestration and tighter travel budgets. The expo was scheduled to take place May 14 – 16 in Orlando, Florida. Last year, the GSA expo had 5,347 attendees; 2,451 from government and 2,896 from industry.  The cancellation of the GSA Expo is part of a growing trend as we see a list of government conferences that have been cancelled due to budget cuts.

Many government contractors have typically used large conferences and expos like the annual GSA Training and Expo as opportunities to network and build relationships to grow their business.  Outside of these large conferences, it is often difficult for contractors to network and develop relationships with government buyers. It seems that those who are already “in” have an advantage over the many unknown vendors.

Find out how to get in front of key contacts?

With travel budgets shrinking, we might see an increase of attendance in regional networking events take place. This new development will more than likely require an adjustment to your marketing strategy. With less and less opportunities to meet face-to-face, enhancing your digital presence and e-marketing initiatives is a must.

We suggest that you perform a thorough review of your digital strategy, including your website, marketing materials, direct marketing strategy, pricing analysis, and e-catalog publishing and optimization.  As competition continues to heat up for severely limited contract dollars, you must ensure that your efforts are focused on the right agencies using your tools and resources that will help you stand out from a crowded field of competitors.

Coley GSA assists companies with their B2G marketing strategy and is available to help you as you consider your next step. We will continue to monitor the fiscal climate and keep our readers apprised of any changes. Contact Coley if you have any questions.

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