The Government shutdown has ended and things are slowly getting back to normal.  We can see that agencies are again using social media sites and the majority of the items halted by the government shutdown are now back up and running.  The impact of the shut down on companies that do business with the government has varied greatly.

Many small businesses that provided services to the Government were adversely affected by the shutdown. There are numerous reports of commercial companies having to furlough and even lay off employees whom were working on the Government site and deemed non-essential.  Although the shutdown is over it may take months for these business to recover from the loss and attract new employees that are willing to work in these uncertain times, as we may face a similar outcome in the 2014.

Some contractors that had pending awards saw a complete halt in the bid process and most contractors noticed a drastic slowdown in the number of bids and solicitations being posted.  Now that the shutdown is over, we should see an increase back to normal level.

Pull your team together and continue scouring Federal opportunity sources, such as SpotFedBids and Onvia, and contacting your leads to get the contracts awarded.

Another effect of the shutdown was on the $14 Billion Professional Services IDIQ contract, OASIS. On our previous blog we had published links to the OASIS RFP and announced the original due date for OASIS was October 10th. However, during the shutdown the date was “… suspended indefinitely.”

Now that the shutdown is over, GSA announced through an amendment to the OASIS and OASIS Small Business solicitations in FedBizOpps that the new due date is October 30th.

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