Disregard Recent Email From GSA

If you are a GSA Schedule holder, you mostly likely recently received an email from fss.online@gsa.gov with the subject line:

“An eMod is required to complete the CCR information update with GSA contract.”

You can ignore this email.


Your System for Award Management (SAM) migration from CCR may have created extra spacing, commas or special characters in your Company name that did not exactly match GSA’s internal system and because it was not an exact match, GSA’s internal system registered it as a name change. We have been corresponding with one contracting officer who indicated:

“…there was some kind of system malfunction overnight– it is sending this out to all of our contractors. I am sure it will be globally corrected — no emod is needed.”


Ignore this email, there is no action required at this time.

GSA Schedule holders are required to keep their schedules updated; whether it is to update pricing, add products, delete products or change product specification. Sometimes, GSA will also issue a modification against your schedule when the Government has an update to their systems or processes. These GSA issued modification will require you to complete a modification to your schedule.

For all our clients, we will continue to monitor the situation on your specific contract and will let you know if any further actions are required. If you have other modification requirements for any of the updates mentioned above,  can help.  Coley provides eMod development, submission, facilitation, and post-award uploads, visit our GSA Schedule management services for more information.

If you have a GSA Schedule and have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact Coley GCS by phone at 210-402-6766, by email at hello@coleygsa.com or schedule a call.

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