Client Kudos

The Investment That Keeps Paying Off

I swear, calling Coley GCS was the best phone call I’ve made in the last 5 years!  It keeps paying off… Thanks for the… Read more “The Investment That Keeps Paying Off”

The Cook & Boardman Group, LLC
Craig LaMontagne

Successfully Secured our VA FSS Schedule

AHP had been providing medical staff to the VA Hospitals since 1994. Coley immediately responded to my request to help us successfully secure our VA FSS schedule and has executed 3 renewal VA FSS schedules for AHP since 2004. Each with success in meeting deadlines and fulfilling the requirements of each… Read more “Successfully Secured our VA FSS Schedule”

Associated Health Professionals, Inc
Mary Anderson , President

“Coley is the best in all things GSA in the industry”

Julio Cardenas, John Cardenas and Daniel Coley are simply the best in the industry for everything and anything GSA schedule and administration related. Coley’s consulting services have been expert, professional, well-informed, timely and insightful. Coley has been invaluable to our Organization and we cannot stress enough how powerful, important, and positive their consulting services have impacted our business and our future business prospects. A special thank you to Julio and John and again to all of the Coley team for everything these top-rate professionals have done and will continue to do for our organization now and into the future.… Read more ““Coley is the best in all things GSA in the industry””

Elizabeth McKay Sinacori

Demonstrated Thorough Knowledge of the FAR

Our Consultant demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the offer that carried the day.  She had obviously done a great job of preparing for the negotiations.  She obviously knew the solicitation and FAR better than anyone on the… Read more “Demonstrated Thorough Knowledge of the FAR”

Internal Review
Senior Adviser

Your Customer Service is Outstanding

You did a wonderful job of managing me today, and that is not easy.  Had it not been for you I would have missed my deadline to GSA.  I did not put it in my schedule so out of site out of mind.  My delay in getting all the actions to back made it a real scramble for you this afternoon.  You never complained or made me feel responsible. Your customer service is… Read more “Your Customer Service is Outstanding”

Telephony and Networking Systems

Responsive Throughout the Entire Process

You consultants has been so responsive throughout the entire submission process.  If she doesn’t know the answer to something, she is on her feet looking for a response. She’s a Rockstar!… Read more “Responsive Throughout the Entire Process”

Robert Bosch, LLC
Government Reporting Officer

Kudos From a GSA Contracting Officer

Thanks Julio. As always, you have knocked it out the… Read more “Kudos From a GSA Contracting Officer”

Contracting Officer

Determined Consultants

This is a huge accomplishment and your energies and efforts are so, so much appreciated. I know that maintaining any GSA schedule can be virtually a full-time job; I commend your determination and thank you for helping us see this through to a happy… Read more “Determined Consultants”

Wildflower International
Contracts & Compliance Dept. Lead

Knowledgeable Government Contracts Professionals

I have had the pleasure of working with Coley since 2004.  In that time, Coley helped us both obtain our GSA Schedule and  its renewal, as well as assisted us in strategic planning and writing winning proposals that resulted in several different contracts.  These were all due to the knowledgeable staff at Coley.  We are also on contract  with Coley for GSA Contract Maintenance, a decision made after we discovered the headaches of GSA compliance and reporting on our own, and turned to the Coley professionals, a wise decision that gives us the security of knowing that our contract is compliant with all requirements and up to date. In the past nearly 10 years, Coley assisted us in building our business through identifying upcoming Federal opportunities that were a good fit for us as well as through targeted e-mail campaigns that resulted in qualified leads. Whenever I have any questions or issues that arise, I am able to contact someone at Coley and get definitive and concise answers. RFQs and bids that are submitted are… Read more “Knowledgeable Government Contracts Professionals”

Staffing Firm
General Manager

Long Term GSA Schedule Contract Support

Thank you for all of the advice and support you and your staff have provided over the years. I have always found the Coley staff, from 2004 up through Julio today, to be knowledgeable, professional, patient, and courteous. I would heartily recommend Coley to anyone who is interested in pursuing a GSA Schedule… Read more “Long Term GSA Schedule Contract Support”

Training Company

Quick GSA Schedule Award

Thanks for all your help. We signed on with your company a few weeks after a friendly competitor of ours had contracted with a different company–and they are still not close to obtaining their GSA contract. I was in a meeting with them yesterday and there were a few shocked faces when I told them that we’d already obtained our contract. To top it off, they paid roughly 30% more than we did. Feel free to add my name to your list of satisfied… Read more “Quick GSA Schedule Award”


Quick Turnaround of GSA Offer Package

Thank you for the superb effort you have provided in preparing the GSA MOBIS Offer for submission to the government. We appreciate your knowledge of the process, and the quick and accurate turnaround as you prepared the offer… Read more “Quick Turnaround of GSA Offer Package”

IT Management and Consulting Services

Outstanding Job Keeping Us Ready and Informed

I want to thank you and the Coley Team for the GSA Schedule training. The information was on target. Your Team Members were very helpful in answering our questions and providing us sound direction. As for the service throughout the process, our consultant did an outstanding job communicating our position with the negotiators and contracting officers while keeping us informed on the process and our progress through that process. This minimized any surprises and prepared us for the various… Read more “Outstanding Job Keeping Us Ready and Informed”

IT Services
Contracts Administrator

Coley is Fair and Ethical

You have been fair and ethical in your business relationship and very upfront in sharing relevant information to assist us in decision making. You are… Read more “Coley is Fair and Ethical”

Staffing Services

GSA Schedule Award

Your GSA Schedule consultant was ever so helpful in assisting us in obtaining our renewal for our GSA. She was very courteous, prompt and knowledgeable when it came to handling our… Read more “GSA Schedule Award”


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