Client Kudos

The Investment That Keeps Paying Off

I swear, calling Coley GCS was the best phone call I’ve made in the last 5 years!  It keeps paying off… Thanks for the… Read more “The Investment That Keeps Paying Off”

The Cook & Boardman Group, LLC
Craig LaMontagne

A Company You Can Rely On

Thank you so much for assisting me in updating our wage determinations. It’s always good to know that you have a company that you can rely on and I have really appreciated your… Read more “A Company You Can Rely On”

Staffing Solutions

Exceptional VA Schedule Support

Since 2004, Coley GCS has provided AHP with exceptional VA FSS Schedule Support. I highly recommend Coley GCS for all of your Government contract… Read more “Exceptional VA Schedule Support”


Diligent Work

You’re the magic behind this happening, and EVERYONE worked diligently. It’s the start of a new era for us. Thank you for all you… Read more “Diligent Work”

Technology Company
President and CEO

“Wonderful to Work With”

You are absolutely wonderful to work… Read more ““Wonderful to Work With””

GSA Contracting Specialist
Jan Slick

Highly Recommended

I am currently working with Ramiro (he’s great) however if he is unavailable for any reason, someone from Coley will help me with whatever I need. They are extremely knowledgeable and will keep you in GSA compliance. They have been a life saver and I would highly recommend… Read more “Highly Recommended”

Manufacturing Company
Director of GSA Contracting

“Vast Experience”

Julio has vast experience in handling these types of GSA mods. I am not as skilled as Julio on these types of mods so you are in good… Read more ““Vast Experience””


“Great Every Step of the Way”

I just wanted to take a second to thank you for your work on this. It has been a long time coming and you have been great every step of the… Read more ““Great Every Step of the Way””

Restaurant Equipment and Supply Company
Business Development Manager

“Coley is the best in all things GSA in the industry”

Julio Cardenas, John Cardenas and Daniel Coley are simply the best in the industry for everything and anything GSA schedule and administration related. Coley’s consulting services have been expert, professional, well-informed, timely and insightful. Coley has been invaluable to our Organization and we cannot stress enough how powerful, important, and positive their consulting services have impacted our business and our future business prospects. A special thank you to Julio and John and again to all of the Coley team for everything these top-rate professionals have done and will continue to do for our organization now and into the future.… Read more ““Coley is the best in all things GSA in the industry””

Elizabeth McKay Sinacori

Doing the Heavy Lifting of Contract Management

You have done your company a great service. I know it was a heavy lift… They are going to be some mad people next week but your efforts have kept your client out of that… Read more “Doing the Heavy Lifting of Contract Management”

Contracting Officer

Impressed and Pleased with the Service

Impressed and pleased with the services your team provides our group. We have no intention of using anyone else and plan on a long relationship with Coley for GSA and proposal… Read more “Impressed and Pleased with the Service”

Tribally - Owned, Professional Service Firm

Response Time is Exceptional

I have been thrilled with Coley. The response time is exceptional and they are always there for support, questions. It would be a good investment on your… Read more “Response Time is Exceptional”

AJ Madison
Government Division

Prepared and Professional

Julio is outstanding! One of the best, most prepared and professional people we get to work with, day after day, task after task, he represents your team very well. Truly a pleasure working with him and the men and women of the Coley team!… Read more “Prepared and Professional”


Always On-Point

It is always a pleasure working with you.  Ramiro is always on-point anytime I need… Read more “Always On-Point”

Economy Tent International
Director of GSA Contracting

Advisers That Love What They Do

Ramiro is doing a great job!  JF is great too! You can tell he gets excited; he loves what he is doing and it… Read more “Advisers That Love What They Do”

MAIC, Inc.

Know Their Business

Outstanding. They know their business very well and are completely client… Read more “Know Their Business”

Agile Solutions
Vice President

Determined Consultants

This is a huge accomplishment and your energies and efforts are so, so much appreciated. I know that maintaining any GSA schedule can be virtually a full-time job; I commend your determination and thank you for helping us see this through to a happy… Read more “Determined Consultants”

Wildflower International
Contracts & Compliance Dept. Lead

Knowledgeable Government Contracts Professionals

I have had the pleasure of working with Coley since 2004.  In that time, Coley helped us both obtain our GSA Schedule and  its renewal, as well as assisted us in strategic planning and writing winning proposals that resulted in several different contracts.  These were all due to the knowledgeable staff at Coley.  We are also on contract  with Coley for GSA Contract Maintenance, a decision made after we discovered the headaches of GSA compliance and reporting on our own, and turned to the Coley professionals, a wise decision that gives us the security of knowing that our contract is compliant with all requirements and up to date. In the past nearly 10 years, Coley assisted us in building our business through identifying upcoming Federal opportunities that were a good fit for us as well as through targeted e-mail campaigns that resulted in qualified leads. Whenever I have any questions or issues that arise, I am able to contact someone at Coley and get definitive and concise answers. RFQs and bids that are submitted are… Read more “Knowledgeable Government Contracts Professionals”

Staffing Firm
General Manager

Long Term GSA Schedule Contract Support

Thank you for all of the advice and support you and your staff have provided over the years. I have always found the Coley staff, from 2004 up through Julio today, to be knowledgeable, professional, patient, and courteous. I would heartily recommend Coley to anyone who is interested in pursuing a GSA Schedule… Read more “Long Term GSA Schedule Contract Support”

Training Company

GSA Schedule Expert Support

Jack, Daniel and his team did a fine job of supporting us! GSA is new territory for us, and Coley helped us break (literally) new ground. Thanks… Read more “GSA Schedule Expert Support”

Billion Dollar Systems Integrator
Vice President

Fantastic Personalized & Responsive Service

Jack, I had to take a minute and say thank you. Daniel and his GSA Consulting team has been a wealth of help in getting ready for my review, your service is fantastic and I wanted to say thank you. Also, your office receptionist is always so nice when she answers the phone, takes messages, and tracks down Dan for me. Thanks for being such responsive… Read more “Fantastic Personalized & Responsive Service”

Software Company

Responsive and Experienced Consultants

Please extend and accept my sincere appreciation for how well your team of GSA Schedule consultants makes our jobs here easier, if there is ever a problem you are on it immediately. Your firm has been a fantastic resource for years and I well expect years more, you know that I always tell everyone call Dan and Jack and always will! Thanks again for doing more than just your… Read more “Responsive and Experienced Consultants”

IT Solutions

Professional and Helpful Consultants

Julio has been a pleasure to work with, so professional, so on point, so helpful to me and my (software) business. That’s what it’s all about, that’s how Coley has treated me from day one and that’s how Julio continues to value my business and my… Read more “Professional and Helpful Consultants”

Software Solutions Company

Dedicated GSA Consultants

We enjoy working with your dedicated team of GSA Consultants. They are great and deliver a high level of client service that we sincerely appreciate. Working with them has made our relationship with GSA much better than it may have been and we really see the value of our relationship with… Read more “Dedicated GSA Consultants”

Training Company

Service that Delivers Excellence

Outstanding! Your team delivered on their promises and always exceeded my expectations. I would not hesitate in recommending… Read more “Service that Delivers Excellence”

Security Services Firm

Consultants Exceed Expectation

Your consultants are an excellent asset for your company. They represents you well. I also appreciate senior staff was very… Read more “Consultants Exceed Expectation”

General Manager

Government Contracts Advising Support

Jack, Dan: Thanks so much!!! Your team is simply the best. There is nothing like coming through for a customer at the 11th hour and that’s what you’ve just done for us. I can’t adequately convey the peace of mind it gives us to know that we can turn to you and be assured of getting sound… Read more “Government Contracts Advising Support”

Professional Services Firm

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