Government Quarter 3 Reporting is Due!

The Government 3rd quarter has ended and multiple award schedule (MAS) contractors with the General Services Administration (GSA) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) should be preparing and finalizing reports needed for Government Quarter 3, 2013.

Per 552.238-74, Industrial Funding Fee and Sales Reporting, contractors are required to report the amount of schedule sales by Special Item Number (SIN) in the 72a Quarterly Reporting System for sales received within Government Quarter 3: April through June of this year.  GSA Schedule holders have 30 days after the close of the quarter to complete this task AND must pay the required Industrial Funding Fee (IFF).  VA schedule holders will have 60 days to complete these actions and must input the sales in the VA Sales Reporting System.  These tasks must be accomplished even if you have had zero sales for the time period.

Setting up Your Sales Tracking System

If you are having trouble pulling sales from your internal systems in an adequate amount of time, you may want to ask yourself the following:

Q: Is your system able to pull reports from customized time periods?
A: Calendar years obviously start in January, but don’t forget that the government fiscal year starts in October!  Be sure to also track dates; invoice date, payment received date, etc.

Q: Does your system identify customer types?
A: An ideal system will be able to distinguish customer types from one another, i.e. dealers/resellers, end users, corporate accounts, etc.  Sales to GSA and VA customers should be identified as such. Use your GSA/VA Contract Number!

Q: Are Open Market Items properly identified and excluded?
A: Be sure that all Open Market Items are identified and EXCLUDED from your 72a sales reports.

Q: Does your GSA/VA contract include/exclude shipping and freight?
A: Some contracts include shipping in the final GSA price and some do not. Be sure that this is annotated and reported correctly.  Verify this in your original award documents if you are not sure.

Q: Are MAS items sorted by Special Item Number (SIN)?
A: Products/services that are on schedule have been placed under a SIN upon award.  Your system should be able to separate sales by GSA/VA customers and then by the SIN that the items were placed under.

Q: Can your accounting software address all of the above?
A: Your approach to the above will be different depending on the type of accounting software you use.  Find the best approach to implement these items by using the help within your software and available websites.  If you are not able to address these items, then you may want to consider updating to a more desirable type of accounting software.

If the above have been addressed and implemented into your own sales tracking systems, you should be able to produce the information required for the sales reports on the fly.  You may even receive praise from your Industrial Operations Analyst (IOA) when he/she visits for their Customer Assistance Visits (CAVs).  Otherwise, you will receive a “Serious Concerns Exists” on your Administrative Report Card if deficiencies are found by the IOA.

New and Expired MAS Contracts

Recently awarded schedule holders awarded within April – June will have to report within the sales reporting systems for the quarter.  If you were awarded this month, then your first sales report will be in the following quarter (due October).

Contracts that have ended within Government Quarter 3 will still have to report sales in July; even if there have been no sales during this time period.

Please contact Coley GCS if you need help in setting up your sales tracking system, need help within the 72a and VA reporting systems, or have any other questions about sales reporting.

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