A new email pops into your Inbox. It’s an order off through your GSA schedule directly through GSAAdvantage. Your first thought is elation – the schedule program is working!

You click the link to the POPortal and open the order. Something is wrong, the minimum order has not been met, the price is incorrect and it’s a product that is currently in the process of being deleted from your schedule. Are you obligated to fill this order?

As a GSA schedule holder you are not required to accept every order that comes to you, but you need to know when it is a appropriate to deny it.

According to FAR 552.238-78 Scope of Contract (Eligible Ordering Activities) a contractor is obligated to accept orders from the Executive Branch (which is nearly everyone). You are encouraged, but not obligated to accept orders from outside the Executive branch. If you receive an order you do not or cannot fill from outside the executive branch you must deny the order within 5 workdays, if it is through a government purchase card, you have 24 hours.

If for some reason; such as the product is out of stock and you are in the process of removing the item from your schedule, the information on the PO is incorrect, or other valid issues, you can send notice to the purchaser and state your case for not fulfilling the order. The buyer will likely accept your denial and purchase from another vendor and may remember this transaction in future purchases.

Keep Your Catalog Up-to-Date

This is one of the myriad reasons to keep you contract current through compliance processes and modifications. Buyers rely on your catalog being current on eLibrary and Advantage so they can make competitive purchasing decisions or send an order directly to you.

If you need support to update your pricelist or if you have other questions regarding your obligations as a schedule holder contract Coley GCS directly at 210-402-6766.

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