The Biden Administration has released its full FY 2023 budget with a base discretionary funding request of $1.582 trillion, 7.4 percent more than the comparable FY 2022 level. A breakdown of the budget can be found below on this Congressional Budget Link.

Summary of FY 2023

For fiscal year 2023, the bill includes $29.8 billion in funding, an increase of $4.3 billion – 17 percent – over fiscal year 2022. The legislation:

  • Assists small businesses and entrepreneurs through the Small Business Administration and Community Development Financial Institutions
  • Protects our democracy with Election Security Grants to ensure the integrity and safety of our elections
  • Rebuilds the Internal Revenue Service to finally crack down on big corporations and the wealthy who are not paying their fair share and to provide better customer service to working families navigating the tax system
  • Supports working and middle-class families by increasing funding for consumer protection activities at the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Federal Trade Commission
  • Confronts the climate crisis by providing funding to start the transition of the Federal vehicle fleet to electric and zero emission vehicles
  • Department of Treasury:  – For FY 2023, the bill provides a total of $15.6 billion in discretionary appropriations for the Department, an increase of $1.3 billion above the FY 2022 enacted level. This also includes $135 million for the Department’s Cybersecurity Enhancement Account, an increase of $55 million above the FY 2022 enacted level, to protect the Department’s critical IT infrastructure from cyberattacks.

Funding on Homeland Security / Cybersecurity

For fiscal year 2023, the Homeland Security bill provides total funding of $85.67 billion, including $60.3 billion within the subcommittee’s funding allocation, $19.95 billion for major disaster response and recovery, and $5.4 billion that is offset by fee collections. The total within the subcommittee allocation is $2.7 billion above fiscal year 2022. The legislation:

  • Makes smart and effective investments in border security
  • Secures our critical infrastructure with dramatically increased funding to prevent cyber-attacks and root out cyber intrusions
  • Invests strongly in maritime security through funding for the Coast Guard
  • Supports a new pay system for TSA to ensure its personnel are paid salaries equivalent to other federal workers carrying out comparable work
  • Respects the dignity of immigrants with funding to improve migrant processing

Get the details for Homeland Security funding here.

How will this effect GSA?

While the congressional budget has yet to be passed, GSA contractors can expect a proposed increase for the upcoming budget. It is now a good time to ensure that your GSA Schedule pricelist and catalog are up to date and ready to receive orders.  Coley advisors help keep GSA Schedule offerings and price lists up to date so government buyers can purchase without delay.

The Technology Modernization Fund (TMF) will continue to drive digital transformation by providing up-front funding for IT projects to move agencies from antiquated legacy systems to more secure modern platforms – and to ensure effective oversight and successful delivery of high-priority investments. GSA’s FY 2023 request of $300 million will help strengthen Federal cybersecurity, retire outdated and obsolete legacy technology systems, and improve mission delivery through accessible and effective services. Through the use of this innovative funding tool, agencies will move to more secure and effective IT systems and infrastructure, such as cloud-enabled technologies and shared services, reducing technical debt and improving mission delivery.

Resource link: GSA Congressional Justification

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