Last chance to report offline sales and submit catalog updates.

smartbuyAs a TXMAS Contractor, you should already be aware of the new TxSmartBuy system implemented on June 2nd, 2014. The new system further streamlines the acquisition process between your business and state & local entities by eliminating redundancies and providing both parties with a more user-friendly feel. Furthermore, the use of MyCPA for “offline” sales reporting is no longer a requirement because2.0 is now capturing quotes, sales, and self-reporting for you.

Though you may have found it difficult to update your catalog in a timely manner during this transition, the Comptroller’s office has given all TXMAS contractors the opportunity to do so from the latest revision on their federal, state, or local government contract. You may find this baseline attempt extremely useful, especially if you have had substantial contract modification awards during this transition.

If you hold a commodity based TXMAS contract, you will have to complete the latest TXMAS catalog request spreadsheet and send it via email to Those with service based TXMAS contracts will have to ensure that they are set up to receive quotes. You can do this by going to and simply searching for the word “quote.” If you cannot find your company name within the search results, then you must contact your TXMAS Point of Contact immediately.

This version 2.0 update has also eliminated the need to send your “offline” sales reports via the MyCPA website. All quotes must now be logged in the TxSmartBuy website. If this transition has affected your ability to log these quotes, you must record all non-version 2.0 sales received from May 1st, 2014 in this spreadsheet template and send it to

Both actions listed above are required by the Comptroller’s office and must be completed no later than December 5th, 2014. Failure to do so will result in the termination of your TXMAS contract!

TXMAS contracts awarded to vendors are based on a federal, state, or local government contract and are used as a contracting vehicle for state & local acquisitions. TxSmartBuy provides the customer with an easy-to-use online marketplace for the purchase of goods and services.

If you need assistance with this update, or would like to see if you qualify for a TXMAS contract, feel free to contact our Coley GCS experts.

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