The Veteran’s Affairs Department has awarded 30 companies $61 Billion for contracts spanning a 10-year time frame for its contract vehicle for IT products and services. The contracts are part of the Transformation Twenty-One Total Technology Next Generation 2 (T4NG2) contract. The T4NG2 is the successor to the T4NG program which opened for operations in 2016. The value of the T4NG contracts is at $22.3 billion (awarded to 21 companies) versus $61 billion (awarded 30 companies) for the new T4NG2 contracts.

What Industries are Covered Under T4NG2?

The contracts cover cybersecurity, health care IT, strategy planning, enterprise network engineering, operations and maintenance, program management and systems and software engineering support services. These contracts will have a 5-year base period and a 5-year option period.

As one can imagine, there are many companies (30) that are very pleased with the news of the awards and there are more than 30 who were not awarded and are disappointed and have plans to Protest the awards. Prior to the awarding of the new contracts Booz Allen, GovCIO and VCH Partners had Protests filed in court regarding how the VA was conducting the recompete. Booz Allen was challenging how the VA was evaluating proposals through a self-scoring method and alleged the criteria was showing unfair favoritism toward mentor-protégé joint ventures. These Protest appear to be moot now that all three have been included in the current awards selection.

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