Dan Tangherlini, administrator of the General Services Administration, has announced that he will be stepping down next month.

In a letter to employees announcing his resignation, Tangherlini thanked them for their dedication to making GSA a more efficient organization. “The women and men of GSA are at the forefront of transforming how the federal government works,”Tangherlini said. “Introducing new technologies, smarter acquisition platforms, and innovative workspace. Working together we found ways to leverage unused assets and began using data driven decision making processes to help better serve our agency partners and the American people.” 

Since coming to office in April 2012 amid a scandal that forced the previous administrator and several other top executives to resign, Tangherlini has made significant headway in winning back the confidence of many government agencies, and has had a significant influence over changing the processes and culture of GSA, not the least through his many technological changes and attempts to increase the speed by which government services can become available to the American people.

Deputy Administrator Denise Turner Roth will become the acting administrator for GSA until President Barack Obama appoints a successor. Roth joined GSA as Deputy Administrator in March 2014 after being the City Manager for the City of Greensboro, NC.

Tangherlini will step down as the administrator of GSA on February 13.  We will continue to monitor the developments and impact of this announcement and will provide it as it becomes available.

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