Effective January 24, 2018; DoD, GSA, and NASA issued a final rule amending the Trade Agreement Act Thresholds. The threshold establish trigger points as which each trade agreement becomes effective for federal acquisitions. However, Federal Supply Schedules (GSA), IDIQs, and other contract vehicles use the estimated contract values and therefore TAA nearly always applies.

Trade agreementSupply contract (equal to or exceeding)Service contract (equal to or exceeding)Construction contract (equal to or exceeding)
WTO GPA$180,000$180,000$6,932,000
Australia FTA80,31780,3176,932,000
Bahrain FTA180,000180,00010,441,216
CAFTA-DR (Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua)80,31780,3176,932,000
Chile FTA80,31780,3176,932,000
Colombia FTA80,31780,3176,932,000
Korea FTA100,000100,0006,932,000
Morocco FTA180,000180,0006,932,000
Oman FTA180,000180,00010,441,216
Panama FTA180,000180,0006,932,000
Peru FTA180,000180,0006,932,000
Singapore FTA80,31780,3176,932,000
Israeli Trade Act 50,00

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