The Showdown / Shutdown

Federal Fiscal Year 2013 ended at Midnight, September 30, 2013. Federal Fiscal Year 2014 begins. Until Congress passes a bill to fund the Government (a Continuing Resolution), there will be no funds for continued operations and all functions deemed “non essential,” by the Office of Management and Budget, will not continue. Functions deemed essential for National Security or public safety—“the protection of persons or property” will not be affected. This would also include responses to any emergency situations that arise during the shutdown. But virtually every other Government office will close.  We have also included additional information on the shutdown, including a Memorandum from the Office of Management and Budget, the most authoritative source on shutdown processes.

Business not as usual

As a Federal contract holder, it is likely that you will notice that there is no new ordering activity during the shutdown, except possibly from agencies or personnel deemed essential—whether in the military, air traffic controllers, Federal Food Safety inspectors, Transportation Security Agency Officers, and selected others.  The U.S. Post Office is a semi-independent, self-funded corporation, so mail delivery will continue.

Does the shutdown affect my GSA Schedule?

If you are a GSA Schedule holder, you may note that GSA Schedule Contracting officers are at work today.  This is because the GSA Schedules program is not financed by Congressional Appropriations, but rather by the Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) that is paid on GSA Schedule Transactions.

Both FedBizOpps and EBuy are up and functioning, although new opportunities are not likely to be posted, although we noted that some awards were posted overnight for today.

The General Services Administration (GSA) is responsible for the Public Building Service, and all such buildings will be in “weekend mode” during the Government shutdown.  Find out which agencies are closed or open and how they are impacted.

Government Purchase Card purchases will be unaffected as they are administered by private credit card companies that will then charge the cost of purchases back to the Government after the Government is once again funded.

Shutdown or not, we at Coley will be on duty to monitor the Federal spending deadlock and help you in any way we can to prepare for Federal sales when the Government is funded and reopened for business.

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