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GSA’s Services Multi-Agency Contract or “Services” MAC  requested feedback on their evaluation strategy and are now evaluating possible scenarios. In the future, GSA will release Sections L & M for review prior to official solicitation release later this year.  

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What is the Services MAC?

GSA’s Services Multi-Agency Contract or “Services” MAC is considered the follow-up to GSA’s One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS), which is set to expire in 2024. GSA is gearing up to provide the “Services MAC” to support professional services for customer agencies. A Request for Information (RFI) for the Services MAC, formerly known as Best-in-Class (BIC) MAC, was issued on June 2, 2021, and is due on June 21.

OASIS has established itself as a flagship of GSA’s IDIQ successes and accounting for more than $35 billion in sales since inception. Despite the success, evolving government needs requiring more complex solutions has exposed a lack of adaptability of OASIS. GSA now has an opportunity to mend the deficiencies and provide a streamlined contract to provide agencies with a professional services contract that meets the agile and intricate customer requirements.

Working with the GSA FAS Office of Professional Services and Human Capital Categories, GSA is hoping to provide new aspects to procurement that will eliminate these issues with much easier ways to serve federal agencies. GSA also plans to maintain an “open season” for bidders in place of the previous on-ramps.

What Can We Expect From GSA’s Services MAC?

With these changes, four goals are expected to be met:

  1. Delivering a simpler experience for the buyer through a contract program that allows for both commercial and noncommercial services. This will also allow a procurement of support for commodities, the use of GSA’s new authority to leverage competition at the task order level to establish price. This is in support of all contract pricing types.
  2. Being able to reduce friction in the procurement process. To meet this goal, GSA will vet open enrollment based on agency’s needs, have thoughtful selection and fair opportunity standards, enhanced systems, and innovative practices.
  3. Meeting the best-in-class (BIC) contract requirements. In addition, GSA will seek to improve government oversight and management of spend, contract and subcontract performance, and small business participation to a BIC contract.
  4. Positioning the federal government to reduce contract duplication while improving access by achieving significant burden reduction for both government and industry.

GSA is taking the experience from the OASIS program and will be changing how to sell to the Federal Marketplace by making it a more modern and simple way to buy and sell. This new initiative will be called the “Services Marketplace” and its goal is to support the federal acquisition community’s procurement needs for services. This will also improve mission-driven acquisitions across government. In addition, a combination of features will be present for the Service MAC IDIQ, such as unpriced master contracts, small business set asides, vetted and open enrollment with all order types including Firm Fixed Price, Cost-type, Time & Materials, and hybrids into one centrally managed, user-friendly structure.

GSA current milestone goal is to complete these objectives by Fiscal 2021 end, with a plan to issue a solicitation in FY 2022 and to begin contract use beginning FY 2023.

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