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The United States Air Force released a Request for Quote on March 04t, 2019 titled Second Generation Information Technology (2GIT) Blanket Purchase Agreement. The USAF has determined to make the 2GIT BPA a mandatory use vehicle for the replacement of the NETCENTS-2 (NC2) Products IDIQ contract.

The NC2 IDIQ was USAF’s go-to procurement option with a ceiling spend value of $6.9B. NC2 IDIQ expires in November 2019, making the new 2GIT GSA BPA a necessary vehicle for all software and product resellers on the GSA schedule.

The USAF must receive all responses to the 2GIT RFP by April 19th and all responses must be provided through the eBuy portal.

The stated intent of the BPA is to reduce redundancies and create fast and effective ways to order IT hardware and software commodities. 2GIT has five classes of products:

  • BPA Line Item One – Data Center (Compute/Store)
  • BPA Line Item Two – End User
  • BPA Line Item Three – Network (Connect)
  • BPA Line Item Four – Radio Equipment
  • BPA Line Item Five – Order Level Material (OLM)

USAF states they will not base awards on lowest price technically acceptable basis but will instead review best value and Fair and Reasonable Price evaluations. USAF will look at the following non-price factors breadth of the OEM products you are offering through your schedule or through your team; Relevant Experience; Socioeconomic Factor and subcontracting goals; and finally Supply Chain Risk Management.  Pricing factors will be based on the evaluation of a market basket; which include the most commonly ordered items under the BPA. Note of concern is that bidders must provide quotes for all the most commonly ordered products or face possible elimination from the BPA evaluation.

All products proposed must be awarded to you GSA IT 70 schedule or to a member of your teams’ schedule; No Open Market Items are permitted.

USAF anticipates awarding nine (9) BPAs to vendors or teams.

Most frequently ordered manufacturers include:

BPA Line Item One Data Center (Compute/Store) BPA Line Item Two End User BPA Line Item Three Network (Connect) BPA Line Item Four Radio Equipment
HPE Dell Cisco Motorola
APC HPIExtreme
Vmware SymantecBroadcom/
Dell LG NetApp  
IBM Samsung F5 Networks  
  McAfee Juniper  

Locate the RFQ on your eBuy site.  If you need assistance with the response, building a team, or accessing your eBuy contact Coley at 210-402-6766 or by email at

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