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GSA is currently investigating alleged fraudulent activity on their System for Award Management (SAM) Although it is believed that only a few registered entities are impacted, it is recommended, that registered entities check their bank account information in SAM for accuracy.

It is suspected that thieves hacked SAM and changed companies bank account information so that government payments were rerouted to the thieves’ accounts. The only way to be sure about your account is to check your SAM registration to make sure your bank account number is correct.

For more information on GSA’s announcement you can visit:

We would also recommend that you renew your SAM account prior to April 27th. SAM will begin requiring an original signed and notarized letter of authorization for the Entity Administrator. The letter is a great way to safeguard the data, but it will create delays in the review process of your SAM account.   GSA also provides instructions for the notarized letter. 

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