Sunday evening GSA systems sent out a notification to all schedule holders that GSA systems have updated security for logins and that all GSA Contract vendors are required to reset their passwords before they will have access to GSA systems again.

The new security changes affect several GSA systems, including the Vendor Support Center (VSC) Portal, eBuy, Advantage Spend Analysis Program (ASAP), Schedule Input Program (SIP), Reverse Auctions and the 72A Quarterly Reporting systems.

GSA’s new security introduces a standard 2-Factor authentication login method which will trigger a one-time, time-sensitive access code every time you login to one of the GSA systems.

The new security feature was developed and deployed in a vacuum without industry feedback and its no-notice implementation has created enormous confusion, inconvenience, and an inability to access GSA systems both for GSA contract vendors and GSA employees.

Many of our clients have indicated that GSA is using very old, now-defunct email address to send the time-sensitive access code when they login. Through research, we determined that updated email addresses submitted to other GSA Systems, including ebuy, elibrary, eOffer, and contract points of contact, did not update the email address associated with your VSC portal profile. As a result, the VSC profile may still contain the email address used to originally register your GSA contract 5, 10, or even 15 years ago.

To fix this problem, you will need to contact the VSC help line. They may be able to assist you, but several have stated that contracting officer on account is the only one that can update the email. If that is the case contact your contracting officer and inform them of the issue. You may need to provide SF30s of administrative modifications changing the POC. The CO will attempt to update the POC on their side. Attempt to access the site again.

Accessing eBuy, 72A, or other sites

The 2-Factor authentication will be required every time you access any of the above sites. You may use a drop-down menu to select the individual that you want to receive the one-time access code or you can create an alias email, such as that distributes the email to all key points of contact to ensure timely submission of the login access code.

You can set up multiple recipients in eBuy to receive the daily opportunities. The login should remain your contract number along with your newly created password.

We understand this can be confusing and frustrating, please contact us if you are having problems resetting your password and we’ll help.

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