MAS Consolidation is happening as previously advised. Plans to consolidate all 24 GSA Federal Supply Schedules into one mega schedule beginning October 1, 2019. GSA has released an industry Request for Information on changes and formatting to the new solicitation scheduled to arrive in the next fiscal year:

Will Consolidation Impact VA FSS Clients?

Even though people commonly refer to VA FSS Schedules contracts as “GSA Schedules,” they are administered by the VA National Acquisition Center and entirely separate from the GSA.  If you have a VA FSS Schedule, such as 65 IIa or 621 I, the GSA Schedule consolidation will not affect you at all.

GSA MAS Consolidation Explained:

The new mega schedule will, unceremoniously, be titled the Multiple Award Schedule. It is an initiative of GSA’s  Federal Marketplace Strategy to create unified benefits to buyers and suppliers in federal acquisitions. GSA is providing three upcoming webinars to further discuss the changes. You must complete the RFI survey to receive the invitation to the webinar of your choice:

  • June 26, 2019 from 300-400 pm EDT
  • July 17, 2019 from 200-300 pm EDT
  • August 22, 2019 from 200-300 pm EDT

The mega Multiple Award Schedule will be rolled out in three phases.

Phase I

To begin with, phase 1 will develop the new solicitation; combining redundant clauses and Special Item Numbers. Under phase I GSA will use their Category Management definitions to reorganize and rename all SINS to broad categories. It will perhaps follow NAICS codes – however, specifics are not yet known. The new solicitation is removing 81 FSS clauses, revising 10 existing clauses, re-instating four clauses, and adding 30 new FSS clauses to the solicitation, as well as creating a simplified requirements checklist. 

The initial phase will only affect new offers submitted after October 1, 2019. Are you in the process of submitting a GSA schedule? We recommend you submit your response no later than September 30, 2019. The new solicitation will go live the following day and proposals developed on the previous terms and conditions will no longer be accepted.

Phases of MAS Consolidation

Phase II

Phase 2 will occur later in FY 2020, likely in January 2020. GSA will issue a mass modification updating all current schedule holders to the latest solicitation’s terms and conditions. This will be a mandatory mass modification and GSA expect vendors to accept all changes within 90 days. The mass modification will only update the terms and conditions, your GSA schedule contract number(s) and duration will not be affected.

Phase III

Finally, phase 3 will be the most complicated and time-consuming phase. GSA has stated that phase III will occur at different times and under different conditions for each schedule holder with multiple contracts. It is GSA’s intent to create as few issues as possible. For instance, they will not migrate multiple schedules to one schedule if there are any open Blanket Purchase Agreements or IDIQs against a schedule. GSA and the vendor will work together to determine the best time to combine all your existing schedules into the single MAS. Afterward, you will need to create a single schedule price list and follow upload requirements for GSAAdvantage and eLibrary.

How to Prepare for MAS Consolidation

What is important to understand is that as these changes are occurring you should continue operate as business as usual. Also, be ready to engage with GSA to understand the best way for your contracts to transition. Moreover, there are changes that are occurring, such as reporting and modifications requirements that you need to understand in order stay compliant.

The Coley GCS team will continue to keep you updated on changes as they occur and provide the necessary guidance. Furthermore, we will be working closely with our clients to help them through this GSA MAS consolidation transition. If you have questions or would like for our team of consultants to support you during this time, please contact Coley GCS today via email or talk to someone directly at 210-402-6766.

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