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GSA assists in responding to hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, and other natural and man-made disasters. They depend on contractors who are able to provide relief workers and victims of disaster with the essential products and services needed to help prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergency situations. Assistance includes food, shelter, cleaning supplies, comfort kits, first aid, clothing, personal items, emergency transportation, home repair, household items, medical supplies, etc.  Attention: State and Local Governments Section 833 of the National Defense Authorization Act gives State and Local Governments the ability to purchase products and services to facilitate the recovery of a major disaster declared by the President. To view participating DISASTER RELIEF vendors, click here.


  • Cleanup Supplies cleaning/disinfecting solutions, brooms, mops, brushes, sponges, absorbants, waste containers, industrial pumps, compressors
  • Electronic/Power Equipment power generators, industrial pumps/compressors, batteries, heating/ventilation, 2-way radios, extension cords
  • Emergency and Rescue fire fighting equipment, life vests, safety & rescue watercraft, fire or rescue trucks, emergency lighting
  • Food and Cooking Supplies prepared & preserved food, beverages, domestic kitchenware
  • Medical Supplies emergency & field medical supplies, wound care products, patient lifts
  • Personal Care personal care items, soaps, hand sanitizers, skin care products, lotions, towels
  • Personal Safety & Protection safety apparel, safety footwear, face & head protection, goggles, hearing protectors, respiratory protection
  • Security and Control security/control equipment, handcuffs, traffic control supplies, speed stoppers, barricades, crowd control equipment
  • Temporary Housing and Shelter shelters & emergency tent halls, decontamination aids, tents, cots, sleeping bags, bed clothes
  • Vehicles & Heavy Equipment tracked & wheeled all-terrain vehicles, cars, vans, light trucks

Please extend and accept my sincere appreciation for how well your team makes our jobs here easier, if there is ever a problem you are on it immediately. Your firm has been a fantastic resource for years and I well expect years more, you know that I always tell everyone call Dan and Jack and always will! Thanks again for doing more than just your job!

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