(Update) Vaccine update Refresh 9

When GSA announced the modification, the summary did not include the updates to the Executive Order 14042 regarding vaccine mandates and safety protocols. We provided a detailed overview of the Executive Order 14042 and how it affects contractors, in a previous post. 

The updated Solicitation includes wording from the Safer Federal Workforce website about how the executive order will be followed. Due to the pending lawsuits against the mandate, the Government will take no action to enforce FAR 52.223-99 or the Executive Order 14042 without written notice from the agency. Currently all fifty states and its’ outlying areas are included; however, the Safer Federal Workforce is updating their list frequently. Please check their website for the most up to date list.

The General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) issued a December 2021 MASS Modification 9 (Solicitation 47QSMD20R0001) implements that amended and updated procedures for all offerors. The GSA Federal Acquisition Service has outlined instructions for the SCP-FSS-001, Vendor Education Center, MAS Solicitation table of contents, Price Proposal Template (PPT), clause/provision updates, and SINs to clarify information submitted regarding topics ranging from identical items to Information technology categorizations.

Changes to the Overall MAS Solicitation in Refresh 9 include:

Information on Refresh 9 can be found on the GSA Interact website.  A webinar was held on Monday, November 29, 2021, to introduce and discuss Refresh 9.  The refresh is scheduled to be released on December 17, 2021. Offerors have 90 days from the release of the final version MASS Modification to accept the Refresh 9 and make the appropriate changes to their existing contracts and future offers for solicitation 47QSMD20R0001.

Coley GCS provides companies looking to get on GSA Schedule with assistance navigating through the entire process of creating an offer, updates to your contracting vehicle, as well as contract compliance and management services.  If you have any questions on this GSA MAS refresh, or anything else regarding the GSA MAS Solicitation, feel free to contact us directly at 210-402-6766, by email at hello@coleygsa.com or schedule a call to speak to our specialist on how we can support your government contracting needs.

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