GSA Retools Catalog Management

For years GSA Vendors have used the Schedule input Program, or SIP, for managing their approved catalogs on GSAAdvantage! and eLibrary. Vendors use SIP to upload their text files onto GSA eLibrary and products onto GSAAdvantage!. The SIP program is not very user friendly and if vendors do not have proper training, they can frequently run into issues uploading their catalog.

To improve vendors’ experience, improve efficiency and address accessibility issues, GSA is preparing to introduce a new web-based application titled Common Catalog Platform, or CCP.

How will GSA’s CCP work?

The CCP will transition vendors from SIP by integrating a workflow through eMod, GSA’s platform for contract modifications. The workflow submission process will consist of two steps.

  1. Vendors must first upload all the required modification documents in the specified templates, except for the catalog file.
  2. Next, vendors will be directed to the CCP from eMod, to then upload the catalog file. Once the catalog details have been submitted to CCP, the vendor must return to eMod to submit the full modification package.

If negotiations change the pricing, the vendor will be required to repeat the steps with the updated documents.

Having the catalog file uploaded prior to modification submission is a new step in which GSA hopes will allow the catalog to become an integrated part of the modification process.

Another new feature is GSA’s plan to consolidate the Price Proposal Template (PPT) and SIP template into one document titled “Product File”. Vendors will complete the new product file to upload their catalog into the CCP. GSA’s hope is to alleviate confusion often caused because of the differences between the SIP upload spreadsheet template and the PPT.

What EDI Users Need to Know

Contractors currently using the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) 832 will have the option to opt-in to the CCP. After a contractor has successfully transitioned to the CCP, all catalog updates associated with their contract must be completed using the CCP. SIP and EDI 832 will no longer be available for catalog updates once a contract has transitioned to the CCP.

How Will CCP Improve the Current SIP/EDI Process for Vendors?

The CCP will include several features that will benefit GSA Vendors, including:

  • Vendor review of GSA’s Price Point PLUS Portal (4P) market research allowing vendors to make adjustments to a modification before submitting it to GSA.
  • View the status of catalog submissions;
  • Track catalog changes;
  • Access the CCP system from any web browser;
  • CCP will also be API accessible, allowing it to connect to other systems.

Timeline of CCP

The pilot will begin in 2023 with contractors who are awarded an Office Supplies 4th Generation (OS4) Special Item Number (SIN) 339940OS4. GSA chose to start with OS4 first because of two important characteristics:

  • OS4 contains a high volume of frequently purchased Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) products published on GSAAdvantage!.
  • OS4 includes products with a high volume of results on GSA’s Price Point PLUS Portal (4P) report, a pricing and compliance tool that will be integrated into the CCP.

Additionally, the pilot will be limited to OS4 contractors who:

  • Hold one MAS contract / one catalog.
  • Do not have a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) based on their MAS contract; BPA holders will be transitioned to the CCP at a later phase.

If the pilot is successful, GSA plans to transition all MAS contractors to the new platform through a mass modification in the following order:

  1. Catalogs with a significant number of offerings published for purchasing on GSAAdvantage!.
  2. Catalogs published as a text file to eLibrary and GSAAdvantage!.

Need Help with GSA Catalog Modifications?

If you need assistance with GSA Catalog modifications and SIP uploads, or help transitioning to the new Common Catalog Platform, please schedule a call, contact by email or by phone at 210-402-6766.

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