GSA Makes an Official Announcement: Changes in Services Schedule by the New Year

(updated December 11, 2014)
With the first step to improve their professional services Schedule offerings GSA has announced they will be combining eight of the current professional services schedules into one master Professional Services Schedule. GSA feels this step will make it easier and less confusing for buyers to purchase professional services, specifically when a project’s scope may overlap between two separate GSA schedules. The migration should also alleviate some administrative burdens for companies that have to manage multiple GSA schedules.

Schedule NameSchedule Number
The Consolidated Schedule00CORP
Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS)874
Professional Engineering Services (PES)871
Financial and Business Solutions (FABS)520
Advertising & Integrated Marketing Solutions (AIMS)541
Logistics Worldwide (LOGWORLD)874 V
Environmental Services899
Language Services738 II

When are these changes taking place?

From GSA’s Interact blog article, GSA has outlined an estimated timeframe for the integration.  GSA will begin the shift at the New Year. Below is their published timeline as of September 3, 2014.

New offers accepted under the Professional Services Schedule03/01/2015

ActionEstimated Date
Nonprofessional service SINS with sales migrated to the appropriate Schedule12/31/2014
Begin migration to Professional Services Schedule01/01/2015
Existing Schedules closed for new offers02/28/2015
New offers accepted under the Professional Services Schedule03/01/2015
Transitions to the Professional Services Schedule substantially complete11/01/2015

Once the full integration is finalized, the old solicitations will cease to exist. There will be a period between 02/25/2015 to 03/01/2015 that GSA will not be accepting offers for the old schedules or new master schedule.

What can I expect on my existing GSA schedule?

If you currently hold one of the above listed schedules (with exception of the Consolidated Schedule 00CORP), here is what you can expect:

  • Your contract number will remain the same
  • Your SINs will remain the same (with exception of SINs C132-51 and C595-21 all other Consolidated SINs which will drop the “C”)
  • There will be no change in your contract Terms and Conditions or Period of Performance
  • You will no longer have to monitor multiple schedule individually- only audited once by GSA and modifications will be submitted to one Contracting Officer

In March 2014 the rebranding of the Consolidation Schedule and migration to the Professional Services Schedule will occur through a mass modification that well be sent to all affected contract holders. The final requirement will include making the applicable changes to the current GSA pricelist and process a GSA Advantage! catalog upload. Keep in mind this is a preliminary date and is subject to change.

What can I expect if I have two of the affected GSA Schedules?

If you currently have two of the above listed schedules (with the exception of the Consolidated Schedule 00CORP), here is what you can expect:

  • Your contract number will change
  • Your Terms and Conditions will remain the same unless there is a duplication in pricing, labor categories or escalation rates, resulting in new negotiations
  • Your Period of Performance will be reestablished to one base period plus three option periods
  • You may be required to renegotiate your Economic Price Adjustment
  • Task orders with varying EPAs and contract numbers will need additional internal tracking resulting in task order isolation and separate reporting

What to look out for:

Schedules that have not met the minimum $25,000 per year requirements will be subject to cancellation. Schedules that have meet the minimum requirements but currently have SINs with no sales then those will be allowed to be transferred over to the Professional Services Schedule.

Changes for Schedule 00CORP:

If you currently have a 00CORP schedule, your offer may be effected differently. The current Consolidated Schedule offers professional services under the 7 other schedules listed above but also contains nonprofessional services. If you have a Consolidated Schedule that contains nonprofessional services SINs with sales then your nonprofessional services will be moved from the consolidated schedule to the corresponding non-consolidated GSA schedule. For instance, if you currently have SIN C003 01 for Smart Building Systems Integration under the Consolidated Schedule, it will be moved to the corresponding 03FAC GSA schedule under the same SIN, 003 01, removing the C. IF you have nonprofessional service SINs without sales then the SINs will be cancelled. This change will cause you to receive a new schedule contract and new period of performance of one five-year period and three five-year option periods. You will work with your Contracting Officer during this transition.

If you have been thinking about obtaining one of these professional services schedules, now will be the time to submit an offer. The transition may cause backlog at GSA so we would recommend beginning the process of an offer now.

If you have any questions or need assistance with a new Offer feel free to contact us at 210-402-6766 or at

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