A lot of money goes through the GSA schedule program, almost $35 Billion in 2013, and the schedule program covers nearly every possible commercial industry product and service under 40 separate schedules. A GSA Schedule has been very lucrative investment for many companies, but a GSA schedule is not for everyone. Anyone who answers that question without first asking you more questions about your business and your goals is doing you a disservice.

The decision to pursue a GSA Schedule should be based on your products and/or services, past performance, knowledge of the market, your available time and investment required to win work through your schedule and keep it compliant.

So if you are still wondering if a GSA Schedule is right for you, here are some things to consider–

  • Do you have a government client currently asking you to obtain a GSA Schedule?
  • Have you conducted research to determine which Federal agencies purchase similar products and services?
  • Once identified, have you ascertained that those agencies’ preferred procurement channel is the GSA schedule?
  • Do your competitors have a GSA schedule? And who is buying from them?
  • Have you looked at GSAAdvantage! to compare your prices to verify if they are competitive?
  • Are you aware of the maintenance and compliance issues associated with a GSA Schedule?
  • Have you identified and assigned the team responsible for tracking and responding to Government opportunities?

Many companies tell you that you “need” a GSA schedule to do business with the Government. That’s incorrect, the GSA Schedule is one contracting vehicle and is not a guarantee of Government Sales. GSA Schedules can be lucrative and rewarding if you fully understand the requirements, challenges, and opportunities.

Some companies may be better advised to start by pursuing state and local government, cooperative purchasing, special Federal and State set aside contracts (as applicable), or other options. Non-GSA Schedule contracts may require less time and investment; they still, however, require considerable effort and strategic planning.

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