Young companies with a desire to succeed in the federal space can now be awarded a GSA Schedule. GSA has opened the opportunity for small businesses with less than two years of experience to obtain their Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract. The GSA schedule is the most popular Government-wide contracting vehicle in the public space. Coley has over 20 years’ experience helping companies obtain and maintain their GSA Schedules and are very excited about this change that allows us to help startups obtain this critical contract vehicle.

How Can Startups Qualify for a GSA Schedule? 

GSA has expanded their Startup Springboard to all contractors. To participate, contractors with less than two years of corporate experience can now use the experience of their leadership and key personnel to substantiate their ability to perform. Additionally, companies will be required to provide financial documentation to demonstrate financial responsibility.

GSA did not state what financial documentation it will accept, though it is likely personal financial data will suffice.

GSA contracting specialist and officers will conduct due diligence to ensure all requirements of the solicitation are met. GSA will also ensure companies have the necessary internal procedures in place so that they are capable of delivering the services that will be awarded and that your pricing is competitive, fair & reasonable.

There is much more information needed and many steps in the process that is required to obtain a GSA schedule. Coley has over 20 years’ experience helping thousands of companies obtain their GSA Schedule. We are available to help make the process easy. Contact us today at or 210-402-6766 to get started on obtaining your GSA Schedule—a critical step on your road to success in the government market.

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