Am I able to increase my GSA schedule prices?

Yes! You can adjust your contract awarded prices by increasing them using an Economic Price Adjustment (EPA) modification.

What is an EPA and why is it important?

An EPA allows GSA vendors to request a contract modification to raise prices in response to inflation or changing market conditions. During GSA contract offer development, it is important to choose which of the three EPA provisions will be best suited for your contact. The EPA ensures that your GSA prices reflect your current market rates and practices.

What are the EPA provisions and which provision is best for my GSA contract?

If you offer services or labor categories, you can choose to have fixed out-year escalation. This means that your prices will automatically increase by the percentage approved on your contract. The percentage is generally tied to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Table 5 Consumer Price Index but can also be based on a contract or commercial practices. No modifications are required for out-year pricing for contracts containing escalation provisions. This option is in line with I-FSS-969 (b)(1) listed in the GSA Solicitation

The other option for contracts with services or labor categories is to submit a modification each year to update your prices based on the current market indicator. This indicator is agreed upon during the negotiations of your contract. This is in accordance with I-FSS-969 (b)(2). This market indicator could be a public index, public survey, or another public based indicator, but it is typically connected to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Cost Index.

Product-based contracts, or service/product combined, are increased based on your current commercial pricelist. This is in line with FAR 552.216.-70. This clause allows you to request GSA price increases when your commercial prices increase. After the first 12 months, contractors can submit three price increase modifications per 12-month period, and they must provide invoicing support.

In all cases, the solicitation has annual EPA Maximum Limitations:  

  • Human Capital Category – 4%
  • Professional Services Category – 5%
  • Travel Category – 5%
  • All Other Large Categories – 10%

However, GSA released an acquisition letter temporarily allowing contractors to increase prices more than the historical limits.

The EPA is a means to ensure that your contract pricing is up to date and reflects current market conditions and commercial pricing. The Coley team stands ready to help you build an EPA to keep your schedule current.

Coley has over 20 years’ experience helping thousands of companies obtain and maintain their GSA Schedule. We can help you choose which EPA provision is right for you and ensure your contract pricing is up to date. Contact us today at, by phone 210-402-6766 or schedule a call to get started on obtaining your GSA Schedule—a critical step on your road to success in the government market.

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