A Florida-based company, Federal Verification Co., Inc., that has done business under 68 different names, including GSA Application, GSA Processors, GSA 1000, GSA Preview, GSA Specialists, and Federal Suppliers Guide has been debarred (blacklisted) from working with GSA (see Excluded Parties List on SAM.gov).

GSA recently notified all active and former clients of “GSA Processors, et. al.” that the company has been debarred following a formal agency protest from GSA and are no longer approved to represent vendors pursuing or modifying GSA Schedules. Vendors that have used “GSA Processors et. al.” have been ordered to remove them from their GSA Schedule.

Federal Verification Co., Inc. has been known in the industry as a “proposal mill” bilking thousands of companies using false guarantees of success and low pricing though telemarketers.  They have many complaints through the Florida District Attorney office and been discussed heavily in review sites such as ripoff report

The GSA schedule is not a guarantee of success, it is only one contracting vehicle government agencies can use to procure your products and/or services.  If you are interested in pursuing a GSA schedule to grow sales in the Federal and State markets, it is important to understand that the GSA Schedule is a Federal contract and has specific clauses and regulations that you must follow.  GSA makes their solicitation and requirements publicly available through www.gsa.gov and www.fbo.gov. Our experience has been that GSA’s helpdesk and contracting officers are especially open and available to discuss the GSA Schedule award requirements and process with interested vendors.

Because of unethical sales and marketing practices perpetuated by companies like Federal Verification Co., Inc., more than 40% of new GSA Schedule vendors fail to reach the minimum sales criteria of $25,000 and ultimately have their contract cancelled. That’s why legitimate consultants like us fully vet new vendors to assess their chance of success before signing them on as a client—and, that’s why we can proudly boast and substantiate that 90% of our clients have exceed the minimum GSA sales criteria.

If you’ve been notified to remove GSA Processors, or one of the other names they’ve used, from your GSA Schedule contract, you will need to complete an administrative modification. Coley will offer new clients assistance with the administrative modification FREE of charge, just give us a call 210-402-6766.

If you’re new to GSA Schedules and would like additional information, feel free to call Coley at hello@coleygsa.com or GSA’s vendor support center.

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