In keeping with initiatives created under the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act (21st Century IDEA), it was recently announced that Contract Data Reports for Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) users are being moved to  FPDS is a free reporting module which tracks all federal contracts of over $10,000.  The 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act mandates new or redesigned government agency digital services, including websites, forms and applications must be: accessible and usable, based around user needs and tasks, consistent in appearance, securely hosted and connected, searchable and mobile friendly. A major component of these initiatives is migrating the functions of several, stand-alone, Federal Contract related websites to their new home on The migration of Contract Data Reports for current FPDS users to is particularly in line with these objectives.

Are Contract Data Reports Still Available?

The new platform includes easily accessible reference guides and even video tours. The new Contract Data Reports on will allow for types of contract reports:

  1. Standard Reports – There are 34 standard reports
  2. Admin Reports
  3. Static Reports
  4. Ad Hoc Reports

All reports allow for advanced drill down and filtering. Additionally, all reports have a limitation of no more than 12-years or 150,000 rows — an increase from the 30,000-line restriction in

Standard Reports

Standard Reports includes 34 pre-developed reports listed alphabetically to be used and referenced by Government and public users. Reports include Awards by Contractor Type, Contractor Search, Federal Contract Actions, Manufacturer Country of Origin. Quick Reference Guide

Administrative Reports

Administrative Reports include 8 reports covering Audit Procedures Report – Using live Data, Individual Data Item Oversight Tracker Report, National Interest Action Report, Representation Eligible Actions Report, Representation Report, Status of Actions Report – Using live data, Transfer Action Report, Workload Report. Quick Reference Guide

Static Reports

Static Reports are created annually to provide aggregated data over the fiscal year. There are currently on four static reports: National Interest Action / Other Reports, Small Business Goaling Reports, Top 100 Contractors Reports, Federal Procurement Reports

Ad Hoc Reports

Ad Hoc Reports provide the most versatile search feature for users. Ad Hoc allow users to create advanced and specific reports using all available contractor data. User can create scheduled reports at chosen intervals but must be checked within 7 days. has some training on the reports here: Ad Hoc Quick Reference Guide

What is next?

Interestingly the official alert for this migration, does note that remains the authoritative source for contract data reports, while encouraging users to begin to familiarize themselves with the reports on The decommissioning of has been extended and a final transition date will be decided later in this year.


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