If your GSA contract was awarded using the debarred Federal Verification Co., Inc or one of their 40 plus aliases, your contract may be at risk of non-compliance.  Names used include GSA Applications, GSA 1000, GSA Processors, GSA Alliance, Federal Suppliers Guide, Government Awards Consulting, and a variety of others.  A list of Alternate Business Names appears here.

GSA debarred this GSA consultant and has requested all affected contractors to update their schedule to remove these consultants from your schedule.

To complete this process, you must have at least one digital certificate associated with a company representative with signature authority.  If you do not have a digital certificate, follow GSA’s instructions here: https://eoffer.gsa.gov/eoffer_docs/DigitalCert.html

If you DO have a digital certificate:

Use your digital certificate to access the GSA eMod site to request to make the administrative changes to your schedule. Click “Sign In” under eMods. You will be taken to a screen where you will input your companies DUNS.

You can select the affected schedule(s) and click “Select Contract” to initiate a modification. Identify “Authorized Negotiator” and proceed. The system will walk you through a few questions to identify which authorized negotiators to remove.  Remove gsaprocessors.com, other debarred negotiators, or contacts no longer working for your company.

One of the final steps will be to upload a signed letter from the Authorized Negotiators stating the requested changes/deletions. You can upload the signed letter directly into the eMod system and then submit your modification. A template for IT70 can be found here, but is typically accepted across schedules once the solicitation number is revised.

Your contracting officer will then receive notification that a request has been made and will work the modification in their queue.

If you do NOT have a digital certificate:

You will still go to the GSA eMod site, click “Sign In” and enter your company DUNS.  However, at this point the eMod system will stop and identify that you are not currently an authorized negotiator – this is based on the digital certificate and not company title or previous modifications adding you. You will then be prompted to request to add yourself to the contract. The digital certificate must match the official name; for example, middle initial no period, full first and last name as seen on your birth certificate (or legal change of name document).

Your PCO will receive the request. We highly recommend that you follow the mod submission up with an email to your PCO including a letter with the requested changes.

Regardless of method, once awarded you will be required to upload changes and a GSA pricelist to Advantage.  You must have the SIP program installed: https://vsc.gsa.gov/sipuser/sip_download.cfm (SIP training: SIP Training).

It is important that you act on this request from GSA to remove debarred negotiators from your schedule for at least three reasons:

  1. As a requirement from GSA, you are out of compliance until they are removed;
  2. GSA requires that pricelists and Advantage files are updated at least every two years and after every pricelist modification – verify your eLibrary is up to date;
  3. You may be missing out on opportunities as the POC receiving your orders may be the debarred negotiator

If you need assistance to modify your schedule or update your Advantage files, contact ColeyGCS.

ColeyGCS has been supporting clients with Federal contracting and compliance for 16 years, we have developed a respected reputation in the industry and within GSA. 85% of our clients exceed the GSA minimum $25,000 annual requirement and 98% of our clients continue with us on an ongoing basis.

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