Have a customer that wants your products or services?

Is their contracts office is backlogged and they can’t support your customer’s timeframe? Consider Using GSA’s Assisted Acquisition Services (AAS) Office.

Have you ever run into this situation: a military customer wants to purchase you’re unique product or service but, before they can the order has to go through a lengthy review process at the Contracting Office, which can sometimes take 6 months or more?
The originating Contracting Office’s lack of personnel, backlogged workload, and/or contract compliance “learning curves” may all attribute to this long delay.

When you find your customer in this situation, recommend GSA’s Assisted Acquisition Services (AAS) who can expedite the contracting process. GSA’s AAS has offices throughout the nation and are able to provide a full suite of contracting services to your agency customer and are able to assist with any stage of the acquisition; from developing a Request for Proposal and Statement of Work, to taking complete ownership of the acquisition to include post award.

To use GSA’s AAS, your government customer’s agency would need to initiate an Agency Agreement with GSA that would allow them to assist with the acquisition to you.  They must also process a Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR) to transfer funds from the originating agency to GSA.

As a GSA Schedule vendor, you must be informed about the different contracting options available and be prepared to help your customers when their contracting office is unable to support their immediate needs. GSA’s AAS Office is an excellent option that can help expedite the process; especially during end-of-year when your customer risks losing funding if they are unable to execute the acquisition in a timely manner.

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